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Rotterdam containers

Credit: Unifeeder grades are) visible. The funds have helped develop the area and

Unifeeder upside

One man watching developments closely is Unifeeder general the intra-port trade. Not just cranes, but roads and warehouses. I manager for Eastern Europe Marek Wiese. He’s the one to call if can confrm it is the case.”

Unifeeder’s new, second service from Poland to the UK boasts you want to tap the company’s container services to over 50 Eu- ropean ports. Wiese has observed the changes P3 upgrades have “an average door-to-door lead-time of only six days” for goods shipped. “As far as I’m aware, we’re the only short sea operator made in Northern Europe’s terminal infrastructure.

with departures twice a week,” Wiese says, although he’s quick

While Unifeeder ports of call Gdynia and Gdansk have received public money for upgrades, Wiese says Poland has another port to point out that the competition is sure to follow. “Luckily, at

Immingham Port in the UK, they have limited capacity, so they increasingly in use after an injection of cash: “Szczecin has a lit- can’t access similar lines with similar volume (not yet, anyway). tle container terminal built with investment form the EU, so (up- 23


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