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In the cargo shipping world, there’s the bulk sector, the container segment, and then, there is “everything else.”

By Barry Parker hen it comes to ‘everything else,’ breakbulk is the cargo that resides in between, comprising much of that remainder, including forest prod-

Wucts (lumber, baled pulp) and steel. Breakbulk may, at times, share space on multipurpose vessels that also handle heavylift and project cargo, but can also be transported on vessels that handle drybulk. Prior to the advent of contain- erization, bales, barrels and pallets dominated. Today, most general cargo moves in standard sized containers.

Where the items have not been containerized, many move on vessels, both multipurpose and drybulk, often scheduled in semi-regular breakbulk “parcel” services. But beyond cargo and vessel data, breakbulk is all about service, with carriers customizing their offerings to attract demanding movers of industrial cargo.

Analysts at Drewry, who closely cover the marketplace for multi-purpose vessels (MPV) which haul substantial amounts of breakbulk cargo, say “The ultimate driver for that sector is 29


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