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By Ted Bailey he global labor market is changing at a rapid pace. One of than ever before. But it is equally important that individuals take a the major drivers behind it is technology which is shifting the proactive approach to their own lifelong learning in order to really

T balance between the work performed by humans and jobs take advantage of the new opportunities in the digital workplace.

undertaken by machine learning, automated workfows and Artif- A professional lifelong learning plan includes a structured ap- cial Intelligence (AI). While it is predicted that automation and AI proach to personal development throughout one’s career. It covers will generate prosperity if managed properly, estimates show that the whole spectrum of formal and informal learning to enhance as many as 375 million people worldwide will need to shift their career progression, employability and competitiveness in the job occupational focus and upgrade their skills during this transition. market. What has really changed is that, in the past, it may have

With 40% of employers globally fnding it diffcult to recruit peo- been assumed that an employee would gain training and develop- ple with the skills they need, an active and ongoing support offered ment through their employer but now the onus to push forward to the workforce to learn and develop new skills is more critical with training requirements lies on the employee. 26 Maritime Logistics Professional September/October 2019 | |

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