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Short Sea Shipping Ports

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Operational Effciency

By Cassandra Higham ith only a few months to go until the implementation of lubricant selection is matched to your fuel. Making the right pro- the IMO’s global 0.5% sulphur cap, a level of nervous- curement choice is sometimes costly but when mismanaged, the

Wness remains for shipowners and operators. Selecting impact on a vessel and overall operational costs could be unfavor- an appropriate route to achieve compliance and understanding the able and catastrophic for the engine itself. risks associated should not overshadow the broader operational Due to the constant change that we are seeing in the shipping implications that compliance can bring. industry, it is imperative that operational excellence is not over-

The need for ongoing, operational effciency can understand- looked and is continually reviewed despite the many distractions ably get lost in the discussion. Recognizing the benefts of in- 2020 has created. With this in mind, strong and ongoing relation- creased effcacy and the opportunities that it brings is key. Simply ships with customers and partners – including engine manufac- put, without consideration of the planning and procurement pro- turers and fuel suppliers – are critical in ensuring effciencies are cess, owners and operators are left with the risk of carrying the continuously assessed to match commercial objectives.

burden of ineffciencies which can lead to companies struggling For example, with shipping segments broadening, such as LNG to fnancially survive within a competitive marketplace. transportation, the marine fuel supply network is expanding to

Increased effciency offers the opportunity to ensure operation- meet the demands for fuel and lubricants in new locations, mak- al excellence – from basics like hull cleaning to ensuring your ing it crucial for any shipowner or operator to have a supplier with

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