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Modernize your B&W air cooler and save about 2% on fuel costs!

B &W Marine Service has launched a topical innovation: The FUEL SAVING UNIT 2 programme.

This means that your B&W air cooler can be easily modernized by building in a water mist catcher - thereby immediately achieving significantly lower fuel consumption.

The water mist catcher permits a reduction of the scavenging air temperature - and for every 10°C reduction, fuel consumption decreases by 1-1,5 g/BHPh. Dependent on the sea water temperature you can save about 2% on your fuel costs.

At the same time you achieve a lower exhaust temperature - and spare parts costs for thermi- cally loaded parts will fall significantly. If your coolers are corroded this investment will have a pay back time of 3-5 months.

The FUEL SAVING UNIT 2 can be installed on all

B&W main engine types K67GF, K80GF and K90GF which were built before 1978.

Contact B&W Marine Service for further informa- tion - also concerning YOUR specific saving potential.

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