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LOADMAX is the quick, easy way to plan optimum load- ing for any type of ship. It rapidly calculates and displays accurate draft, hull strength and stability data for any load- ing condition.

LOADMAX is as simple to use as a desk calculator— tonnage distribution and calculated results are read at a glance — no confusing knobs, thumbwheels or cluttered

CRT displays typical of other loading instruments.

Designed for the particular operating requirements of your ship, LOADMAX combines numeric tonnage displays with an easily understood mimic diagram of the vessel. A separate graphic display shows whether the ship is in hogging or sagging condition and if shear force or bending moment limits are being exceeded. Write for a FRFF brochure with detailed information today. Raytheon Ocean Systems

Company, Westminster Park, Risho Avenue, East Providence,

RI 02914 U.S.A. (401) 438-1780

Summary displays

Shear force and bending moment graphic display

Ship mimic diagram and mimic tonnage displays

Shear force and bending moment point "fine" display select buttons


Optional tank capacity table

Carrying handle

Power "on-off' kev switch

Operating mode control switches • lightship • self-test • port condition • run

Shear force and bending moment numeric "fine" displays Shear force and bending moment graphic display select switch

Draft forward display

Entry keyboard display

Simple 19-key

Entry' keyboard

Cover latch

Special function keys

Computer printout (optional)

Title XI Sought For 3 Tug-Supply Ships

Costing $10.5 Million

Point Express, Ltd., P.O.

Drawer 2120, Morgan City, La. 70380, has applied for a Title XI guarantee to aid in financing the construction of three tug/supply vessels.

The 191-foot, 4,000-horsepower vessels wil be operated primarily in the Gulf of Mexico. The pro- posed shipbuilder is Halter Ma- rine, Inc. of New Orleans, La., and the vessels are expected to be delivered on December 1, 1980,

March 15, 1981, and June 15, 1981.

If approved, the Title XI guar- antee would cover $9,187,000 of the total actual cost of $10,- 500,000.

Shipcare 80 To Be Held

April 21-25 In Lisbon

April 21-25 are the dates set for the 1980 Shipcare Seminar and Exhibition at the Ritz Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.

The theme of "Shipcare" is "Towards the cost-effective oper- ation, maintenance and repair of ships," and it affects all sectors of ship operation and repair—ship operators, repairers, classification societies, engine builders, service companies and suppliers.

Shipcare 80 is sponsored by the ship repair group of the Associa- tion of West European Shipbuild- ers and by the Portuguese Society of Naval Architects and Marine

Engineers. The organizer is Intec

Press, Ltd. of London.

Further information is avail- able from M. Randolph Long, 310

East 46th Street, New York, N.Y. 10017, phone (212) 697-4893. $9.4-Million Navy

Contract Awarded Coastal

Drydock And Repair

Coastal Drydock and Repair

Corporation, Brooklyn, N.Y., is being awarded a $9,400,005 for- mally advertised firm fixed price contract for the regularly sched- uled overhaul of the USS Bowen (FF-1079). The Supervisor of

Shipbuilding, Conversion and Re- pair, USN, Brooklyn, is the con- tracting activity. (N62794-70-C- 0010)





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