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SNAME Spring Meeting (continued from page 26) of Naval Architecture: "Naval

Architecture Academic Commu- nity."

Howard M. Bunch, associate professor of naval architecture,

University of Michigan: "Ship

Production Management and


William M. Ellsworth, head,

Systems Development Depart- ment, David W. Taylor Naval

Ship Research and Development

Center: "Ship Design and Tech- nology R&D Management."

John R. Lindgren Jr., vice president of engineering, Ingalls

Shipbuilding Division: "Shipyard

Engineering Management."

Koichi Masubuchi, professor of ocean engineering and material science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: "Welding and

Ship Production Engineering


Ellsworth L. Peterson, presi- dent, Peterson Builders, Inc.: "Shipyard Management."

Student: to be selected.

Panel Discussion — "New Di- rections for Offshore Develop- ment."

Moderator: Phillip Eisenberg, past president, SNAME.

Panel Members:

John E. Halkyard, president,

John E. Halkyard and Co.: "Ocean Mining."

James A. Rickard, planning manager, Exxon Production Re- search Co.: "Oil and Gas Extrac- tion Research Co."

D. Lee Alverson, Natural Re- sources Consultant: "Living Re- sources Consultant."

Robert H. Douglas, project manager, Tactical Systems, TRW,

Inc.: "Ocean Energy."

John E. Flipse, professor of ocean engineering, Texas A&M

University: "Effects of Law of the Sea Treaty."

Social Activities

Early Bird Reception — For those early arrivals who wish to meet old friends and make new ones, a reception will be held on

Tuesday, April 5, in the Lafay- ette Room.

Orientation Breakfast, April 6:

Welcoming breakfast with brief program orientation and descrip- tion of the social programs and tours.

Authors / Moderators Break- fast, each day: Authors and mod- erators for the day's technical sessions will have a chance to meet each other and review the meeting schedules.

President's Reception, April 6:

Participants will travel by motor- coach to the Navy Memorial Mu- seum at the Washington Navy

Yard where Society President

C.L. French will receive all regis- trants.

President's Luncheon, April 7:

This luncheon will feature the presentation of several impor- tant awards and an address by

Society President C.L. French.

Evening at the Kennedy Cen- ter, April 7: This event will start with transportation by motor- coach to the John F. Kennedy

Center for the Performing Arts.

Attendees will walk through the

Hall of Nations, view the Ken- nedy bust, and proceed to a re- ception and private buffet supper in the Atrium Lounge. After sup- per, they will go to the Opera

House for a performance of "Dance a Little Closer."

Potomac Cruise, April 8: This closing event includes a private

Potomac River cruise to Mount

Vernon aboard the M/V Diplo- mat. Music will be provided, as will a box luncheon. At Mount

Vernon a tour of George Wash- ington's home and the gardens will be held. The return trip will feature more music and dancing plus a dessert buffet.

Special Tours: A tour will be provided for spouses and guests on April 6 to the Diplomatic Re- ception Rooms of the Department of State and the U.S. Capitol

Building; lunch will be served at the Marbury House in George- town, followed by a visit to

Dumbarton Oaks. On April 7 a special tour is provided to Alex- andria, Va. This tour will be pre- ceded by a tour of the White

House for those who desire to see the Presidential Home.


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