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cludes the design and installation of the structural foundations and the electrical cabling from the vessel main switchboard to each Rotor Sail. The vessel integration can be completed during the construction phase of a newbuild vessel, or during a survey at a shipyard for a retro? t vessel.

Marubeni taps ‘Suction Sails’ for Bulk Carrier

MMSL PTE. LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni

Assessing Performance

Corporation based in Singapore signed an agreement with

Anemoi has developed a Fuel Saving Assessment Model bound4blue to install four suction sails on the Crimson King- dom. The 229-m Panamax bulk carrier will be retro? tted in (FSAM) to predict fuel and emissions savings from various 2023/24 with four 26-m eSAILs, expected to be the largest sizes and classes of vessel. Central to FSAM are four key data suction sails ever built and installed on a vessel. sets which are: Rotor Sail performance data (harvested from

Anemoi’s full-scale UK test facility), vessel performance data, route data and wind data. FSAM uses this data to simulate thousands of historic voyages over a ? ve-year period to en- sure the results accurately re? ect the wind conditions experi- enced on the chosen route. Any additional drag and increased generator usage are also included so that the net results are fair and transparent.

For a 310,000-dwt VLCC trading the Bonny-Ningbo route and ? tted with ? ve Rotor Rails, FSAM predicts an annual fuel and emission saving of 13.5% which equates to 1,622 tons of

Grant Funding for GT Green’s AirWing fuel and 5,044 tons of carbon saved each year.

GT Green Technologies secured grant funding from the UK

The Anemoi Rotor Sail System is comprised of the Rotor

DoT following this year’s Clean Maritime Demonstration

Competition Round 2 for its proprietary AirWing propulsion

Sail itself, the Foundation, Deployment System (if required), solution, currently in development. Patent-pending, AirWing is wind sensors and Electrical, Control, and Automation sys- designed to help ships produce between 10% - 30% fuel sav- tems. The main components of the Rotor Sails are the “Rotor” ings for retro? ts and even greater savings for newbuilds. (the cylindrical, rotating part), the support Tower, upper and lower bearings, and the electrical drive system.

The Rotor is built from lightweight composite material and the Tower is a steel column structure.

The Rotor Sails have a control station located on the bridge which automatically controls the speed and direction of the

Rotor Sails, as well as monitoring the performance and status of the system. The control system is designed to maximize performance and minimize crew input with automated speed and direction setting, equipment monitoring, safety features

Image courtesy Berge Bulk, Yara, BAR Image courtesy GT Green Technologies Image courtesy bound4blue/MMSL Pte. Ltd.

and performance reporting to stakeholders using a ship to

WindWings for Pyxis Ocean, Berge Olympus

Cargill, Mitsubishi Corporation, BAR Technologies (BAR shore data transmission.

Tech) and Yara Marine Technologies (Yara Marine) said that

Anemoi Rotor Sails are built to last 25 years and regular

Mitsubishi Corporation’s ? ve-year-old, 80,962-dwt bulk car- maintenance includes: periodic visual inspection of compo- rier Pyxis Ocean is the ? rst vessel to undergo installation nents and primary structural items, bearing lubrication replen- and deployment of BAR Tech’s pioneering wind propulsion ishment and greasing of mechanical components. Minimal technology WindWings, delivered by industrialization partner crew input is required to use Anemoi Rotor Sails due to the

Yara Marine. The installation is anticipated for deployment at automated control unit. However, to ensure the maximum the beginning of 2023. In a separate announcement, Berge bene? t is extracted and the equipment is well understood,

Bulk, BAR Technologies, and Yara Marine Technologies have reached an agreement to install four WindWings by Yara

Anemoi provide full training for the crew and on-shore tech-

Marine Technologies on board the 210 DWT bulk carrier nical departments.

Berge Olympus (pictured). The large, solid wing sails on

All Anemoi Rotor Sails are automated and respond to the board these bulkers will measure up to 50-m high and will wind conditions to maximize performance with no crew inter- be capable of reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 30 action required. All safety features, shutdowns and alarms are percent through a combination of wind propulsion and route automatic. Crew optimization. WindWings will be installed on board Berge

Bulk’s vessel in the second quarter of 2023.

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