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Great Ships of 2022

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It is not an easy task and to be Esthetic Design Sensitized on it and discovered that Karstensens was building two ? sh- can be frustrating at times. ing vessels that, while not quite as sexy and EDS perfect as

A few years ago, I partnered in the purchase of a 1986 Tran- 1970’s West Coast tuna seiners, certainly were designed to be sworld 50 trawler. She is no blushing virgin, but wherever she sexy. And from their appearance it was clear somebody was shows up, she is always the belle of the ball. People love her willing to spend some effort and money on it too! Moreover, and, despite her faded gelcoat and far from pristine teak, we these two vessels were not outliers. Karstensens started build- get nothing but compliments about her looks. ing nice looking vessels in 1917 and actually never stopped

But, based on my Roach and Meier infection, I can’t look building nice looking vessels.

past her ? aws. One is particularly troublesome, since I could Attractive large ? shing boats? Really? Maybe not all is lost. potentially ? x it. Her mast rake is wrong; it should have been Keep it up Karstensens! You have my vote to be included in much more upright. If only the designer had been sensitized Greatest Ships.

by Roach and Meier back in 1986, I would not have to suffer so in 2022.

Is it actually too late? Has the world simply given up on

For each column I write, MREN has agreed to make a small pretty ships? donation to an organization of my choice. For this column I select the Mandell Rosenblatt Prize for Esthetics in Ship

Until very recently I despaired, but then I saw a Marinelink.

Design that is awarded annually at the US Naval Academy. com posting on two new ? shing vessel orders at Karstensens shipyard in Denmark. There was a thumbnail of what appeared

Program_Handout.pdf to be a rather anachronistic looking ? shing vessel. I clicked

Vessel #478 HERØYHAV, © Karstensens Shipyard is being built by Karstensens

West Coast tuna seiner by Campbell

Shipyard and will be powered and Martinac gracing the cover of the by the highly ef? cient Wärtsilä

October 1991 edition of Maritime 31 engine as well as host of

Reporter & Engineering News.

Wärtsilä propulsion solutions. 19

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