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Great Ships of 2022

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M A R I N E L I N K . C O M

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New York, NY 10010 USA

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CEO John C. O’Malley [email protected]

President and Chief Operating Of? cer

Publisher & Editorial Director @ShipNews

Greg Trauthwein [email protected]

Offshore Energy Editor

This year’s “Great Ships” edition broadly undergoing model tank testing at the

Bartolomej Tomic [email protected] demonstrates the direction that maritime Maritime Research Institute of the Nether- is headed, one de? ned by reducing carbon lands (MARIN), the result being a twisted,

Production Manager emissions to the air and water, punctuated leading-edge rudder and a high ef? ciency

Irina Vasilets [email protected] by a wealth of new and emerging technolo- propeller to match that hull form. Apart

Production & Graphic Design gies – and the dusting off and sprucing up from the hull, the ship features self-polish-

Nicole Ventimiglia of some old ideas. The direction is clear, but ing copolymer paints; a full-spectrum of [email protected] the pace is not. modern bridge kit – hardware and software

Corporate Staff

Manager, Marketing

This year’s Ship of the Year is the MV to ensure the best route is plotted and fol-

Mark O’Malley

George III, the ? rst of Pasha Group’s two lowed; and SCR on the auxiliary engines.

[email protected] new ‘Ohana Class’, Jones Act-quali? ed While the new LNG ships are a physical


Esther Rothenberger containerships, operating on LNG from manifestation of the Pasha Group’s com- [email protected] 212-477-6700 ext 6810 day one in service. George III is the ? rst mitment to ESG matters, it’s not the only

LNG-powered vessel to fuel on the West move as George Pasha IV said the com-

Manager, Information Technology Services

Vladimir Bibik [email protected]

Coast and the ? rst to serve Hawaii. The pany’s ties to the community and environ-

Circulation 774-foot-long vessel surpasses the IMO ment concerns are long-tenured, noting

Kathleen Hickey [email protected] 2030 emission standards for ocean vessels. the company’s pioneering role in terminal 212-477-6700 ext 6320

Designed and built from scratch, with the projects, including the Port of Los Angeles


Vice President, Sales ? rst delivered and the second on the way, Green Omni Terminal that started with solar

Terry Breese the project was not without challenges. The battery power electric vehicles, including [email protected]; +1 561-732-1185 ? rst was the availability of fuel in suf? cient heavy cargo handling equipment. “We were

Lucia Annunziata [email protected]; quantity to ensure smooth operations. What- early on, and so we’ve had some struggles +1 212-477-6700 ext 6240 ever fuel you’re considering, Pasha Group’s trying to make all of that work, but we had

John Cagni activity in this regard may serve as a role some support from MARAD grant money [email protected]; +1 631-472-2715 model, as the company developed a joint to install a microgrid and take that to a more

Frank Covella [email protected]; +1 561-732-1659 venture called West Coast Clean Fuels with practical next-level as well.”

World Fuel Services who deliver 70% of the So George III, impressive as it is, is far

Mike Kozlowski [email protected]; +1 561-733-2477 bunkers in the LA Basin. more than a new ship. It embodies the

Gary Lewis

While much focus, rightfully so given decarbonization and digitalization technol- [email protected]; +1 516-441-7258 its cost to overall operations, resides on ogy that is driving this transcendent period

International Sales the fuel, George III further exempli? es the in maritime. It demonstrates how public/

Scandinavia & Germany

Roland Persson wholistic approach to complete ship design private partnerships can work. Finally, it

Orn Marketing AB, Box 184 , S-271 24 and systems integration … dozens of ‘little illustrates the ‘no silver bullet’ solution to

Ystad, Sweden [email protected]; +46 411-184 00 things’ that cumulatively work to ensure meeting and beating 2050 mandates, as all

Germany, Austria & Switzerland fuel economy and emission reduction. great leaps in technology transformation are

Tony Stein [email protected]

For example, the hull form is optimized, ? rst de? ned by thousands of small steps.

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John J. O’Malley [1905 - 1980]

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