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M A R I N E L I N K . C O M

HQ 118 E. 25th St., 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10010 USA

T +1 212 477 6700

CEO John C. O’Malley [email protected]

President and Chief Operating Of? cer

Publisher & Editorial Director @ShipNews

Greg Trauthwein [email protected]

Offshore Energy Editor

I must admit that the two+ year hiatus The power of the personal meet was ap-

Bartolomej Tomic [email protected] from business travel due to COVID was parent again the following week on a trip to a most welcome break, particularly as I Denmark and Sweden, the impetus of which

Production Manager personally have crisscrossed the globe many was to visit with leadership at the World

Irina Vasilets [email protected] times in nearly 30 years of business travel Maritime University for the signing of our

Production & Graphic Design beforehand. But as we got back out and second 5-year MOU to produce the annual

Nicole Ventimiglia about in 2022, the value of the in-person MarTID survey of global maritime training [email protected] meeting was highlighted time and again, practices. To make the 3000+ mile trek even

Corporate Staff

Manager, Marketing none more so than this January 2023 edi- more productive, I stayed in the area for the

Mark O’Malley tion. Don’t get me wrong, as an organization week to pop in on some key organizations [email protected] we look at the physical travel aspect of our and executives in the region. While you’ll


Esther Rothenberger business through a different lens today than see the fruition of those visits in coming [email protected] 212-477-6700 ext 6810 we did in late 2019, as there are undeniable edition, my visit with MAN Energy Solu- ef? ciencies in using TEAMS and ZOOM as tions and Bjarne Foldager at its Copenha-

Manager, Information Technology Services

Vladimir Bibik [email protected] a means to augment. But it’s those chance gen location was most fortuitous.

Circulation meetings that simply cannot be replicated in I, like most of you, live online, on email

Kathleen Hickey [email protected] the online environment. and on the phone, and the ? ow of informa- 212-477-6700 ext 6320

That scenario played out on the sideline tion is staggering and growing. I’ve likely


Vice President, Sales of the one-day ABS Offshore Wind Confer- read dozens of times regarding MAN ES’

Terry Breese ence in New Orleans in December, when efforts on ammonia engines. But there is [email protected]; +1 561-732-1185 during a break between presentations I was nothing like standing outside the MAN ES

Lucia Annunziata [email protected]; talking to a long-time friend and I met Tim R&D Center on a freezing December day +1 212-477-6700 ext 6240

Clerc, VP Engineering, Seacor Marine. I, of to witness the ? nal touches being put on the

John Cagni course, have known the Seacor brand from ammonia test tank apparatus, then stepping [email protected]; +1 631-472-2715 its earliest days, but I had not personally inside and atop the actual test engine itself,

Frank Covella [email protected]; +1 561-732-1659 known Clerc until December 2022. Via a eventually returning to the MAN ES meet- conversation that lasted less than 10 min- ing room and discovering that – by power –

Mike Kozlowski [email protected]; +1 561-733-2477 utes, I learned a good deal about Seacor’s more than 54% of the MAN ES two-stroke

Gary Lewis mission to transform its ? eet to hybrid, with engines ordered in 2022 are dual fuel. [email protected]; +1 516-441-7258 th it’s 10 vessel in the works now. Following While the ‘future fuel’ debate in maritime

International Sales up a few days later, Clerc granted an inter- will continue to rage for many years, the

Scandinavia & Germany

Roland Persson view just before the holiday shutdown, and movement toward cleaner, greener fuels

Orn Marketing AB, Box 184 , S-271 24 starting on page 14 is our interview, as Clerc is here and now. Turn to page 18 for more

Ystad, Sweden [email protected]; +46 411-184 00 who shares with MR his organization’s insights on how MAN ES, the world two-

Germany, Austria & Switzerland experience – and best advice – on taking the stroke leader, is developing its engines to-

Tony Stein [email protected] hybrid leap. day for a methane and ammonia fuel future. +44 1892 512777 Founder:

John J. O’Malley [1905 - 1980]

Charles P. O’Malley [1928 - 2000]

John E. O’Malley [1930 - 2019]

Gregory R. Trauthwein

Publisher & Editor [email protected].com 6 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • January 2023

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