Kongsberg Makes Multiple Debuts in London at Oceanology 2014

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Kongsberg Maritime announced at OI ‘14 that it will add the new MUNIN AUV to its subsea equipment rental pool in Aberdeen. Expected to be available for hire in October 2014, the MUNIN AUV will further enhance the existing portfolio of Kongsberg Maritime Ltd rental equipment, which supports customers within the offshore oil and gas, environmental and renewable energy markets. The MUNIN AUV is designed to collect high resolution sonar data geo-referenced by a survey grade positioning system. Capable of providing the same high-level performance and survey accuracy as the established KONGSBERG AUV range, MUNIN is an efficient, compact vehicle that enables easier launch and recovery and the possibility of using smaller launch vessels.
Leak detection and environmental monitoring within the offshore renewables and oil and gas sectors were a key focus for Kongsberg Maritime at OI ‘14, with the world launch of a new approach to subsea monitoring. The Modular Subsea Monitoring-Network (MSM) is a flexible solution deployable on projects of all types and scale and is designed to offer continuous monitoring of the subsea environment and alerting of events such as oil and gas leakages from subsea installations, pipelines and risers. The MSM is built on a foundation of field proven technology including Kongsberg cNODE for underwater acoustic positioning and data link, a range of Kongsberg hydroacoustic sensors and third party sensors, in addition to sophisticated chemical sensors and hydrocarbon sniffers from Kongsberg Maritime partner Contros Systems & Solutions GmbH. Advanced data processing and power management strategies ensure MSM’s ability to deliver critical sensor data continuously, for long duration missions. The modularity and scalability of the MSM allows for easy deployment and adaptation to different monitoring tasks.
Kongsberg Maritime displayed its latest camera innovations on its booth at Oceanology International 2014, including the new OE14-522 HD Pan and Tilt Zoom (PATZ) Camera. With a compact Omega dome design, this sophisticated new camera offers beyond hemispherical viewing and excellent optical performance in the deepest waters.
It features an all-new belt driven PATZ mechanism which provides smooth, accurate and infinitely variable speed controlled head movement. Based on Kongsberg Maritime’s color zoom inspection camera, the new OE14-522 HD PATZ can provide high definition (HD) or high quality standard definition (SD) signal output.

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