Tritech StarFish for Z-Boat 1800

By Marine Technology Reporter

The Oceanscience Group unveiled the first Z-Boat 1800 remotely-operated survey boat with integrated side scan sonar, from Tritech International. The new boat provides a shore operator with real-time high definition side scan imagery from Tritech’s StarFish 990F side scan on a portable 1.8m surface vessel.  The StarFish side scan is attached to a special skeg (keel fin) under the Z-Boat, eliminating the need for a dedicated hull mounted transducer. In addition, the compact size of the StarFish topside box means that a single or dual frequency single beam echosounder can still be accommodated on the Z-Boat. Z-Boats with single beam echosounders are in operation around the world and can perform shallow water hydrographic surveys in natural and industrial water environments.

(As published in the April 2014 edition of Marine Technology Reporter -

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