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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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? ngerprinting and multiple hydrophones to gain directionality alongside real time

PAM processing capabilities.”

The ? rm is already deploying single

Smooth, Easy gliders ? tted with multiple hydrophones, to aid in understanding the directional-

Ship Repairs ity of acoustic signals to be ascertained.

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The next step is to use multiple gliders ? tted with hydrophones that are tracked with USBL systems to provide far wider area coverage, with greater accuracy directionality, and capable of providing more accuracy around noise source geo- location. Blue Ocean is looking to trial this system in 2019.

For offshore wind construction opera- tions, Blue Ocean is looking at taking

On-Time • In Budget take part in a pilot study, to understand piling operations from a remote, dynam- ic platform and monitor marine mammal

Top Quality • Safety Focused activity before during and after these events. The proof-of-concept study is due to take place in Europe with a large- scale offshore wind operator. “Combin- ing PAM and geochemical sensing into single surveys will be a further step in understanding the cost bene? ts associ- ated with this type of force multiplier,” says Lind.

Blue Ocean is also working on integrat- ing JASCO’s OceanObserver system, which would enable a modicum of real time data processing on board the glider. “As stands, processing for PAM data on board a glider platform can involve some 375,000 samples per second,” says

Lind, “which is a lot of number crunch- ing. With this software, some of the pro- cessing can be carried out on board the

Glider, enabling real-time detection of marine mammals for instance.”

The ? rm also has a number of studies due to take place in Europe and further a? eld by the end of this year, involv- ing PAM and ? uorometer measurement campaigns.

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