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Case Study Project and sensors for positioning, guidance and tracking of ma- make sure the system ? ts their needs.” chines, and Teledyne marine imaging sonar for subsurface applications. Measutronics calibrated the equipment and Eliminating Unknowns installed the systems and all the sensors. Once the system Trimble Marine Construction software was used on all was calibrated, Measutronics was able to check against the tools across the project for excavation, placement of struc- survey and start training the operators on how to use the soft- tures and demolition work. Heavy equipment used included ware. The team also set up the machine in-cab screens and excavators, clam shell cranes, cutter head on a dredge and made sure the data ? ow was accurate. more. Regardless of the tool being used with the machine – “We listen to the operators during setup and if they say, buckets, pincers, shears, hammers, jackhammers – using the ‘Yeah, I like that but I really need this,’ then we’ll add that marine software and sonar equipment each had precise guid- component,” said Nash. “The end users are the guys in the ance, giving operators clarity and visibility to work.

seat all day, so we listen to what they have to say and we Blake Yaffee, area manager for the project’s demolition

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