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Captain Kuba Symanski,

Secretary General of InterManager event of underperformance claims from charterers. wants to work ashore with knowledge needed at sea? So the

Remote monitoring of engine performance and Condition real question is ‘Do we want this data ashore, or rather- sup-

Based Maintenance (CBM) continues to emerge, supported port those at sea who know how to read it.?’ ” by enhanced communications. MMS’s Motoyama says: “We Capt. Motoyama echoed the same sentiments, saying: have taken up projects with engine makers where vital infor- “While advancing with technology MMS have very diligently mation is captured by ship’s staff and sent to the makers for taken care of understanding level of seafarers. We believe that analysis. This in turn provides the health and performance of any technology if it’s faster than the mental level of users, it the Engines and predicts future problems and maintenance in may be more trouble than it is worth.” advance. This practice does not pressure ship staff with high end software or technology which at times is very dif

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