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Salvage Salvage 101101

The Importance of

Cooperation Between Parties.

By Leendert Muller ooperation between the shipowner, their underwrit-

NOT YOUR FATHER’S SALVAGE OPERATION ers, salvors and shore-based authorities is vital for Today, salvage operations tend to be more expensive and

C a successful salvage operation and should begin at technically complex compared to those in the past. This is, in ? rst noti? cation of a casualty. This cooperation, however, large measure, due to the increased size of vessels, increased should begin long before there is a casualty with contingen- value of their cargo and external in? uences such as more de- cy planning, preparation and training. Cooperative efforts, manding requirements from coastal state authorities. Govern- rather than con? ict will go a long way towards mitigating ments look to protect their waters and it is rare when the local the potential for environmental damage and pollution; dam- regulatory and government of? cials do not become intimately age to the vessel or its cargo and, most importantly, may pre- involved in aspects of the salvage service. The salvor is often vent loss of life or injury to the crew. at the mercy of these in? uences which can translate into added expense for the shipowner and underwriters.

Image above: Salvors attempt to connect to a casualty in dif? cult conditions. *All images courtesy ISU 54 Maritime Professional 1Q 2015| |

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