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Some examples of areas still occur. One of the salvor’s main roles is to stop this from where cooperation can be happening: keeping pollutants in the ship or safely removing heightened include contracting them and thereby preventing an emergency turning into a pol- terms and conditions, dealing lution catastrophe.

effectively with authorities, at- In short, we have seen the entire focus of salvage activity tending the vessel and ensuring change over the last 25 years with pollution defense now tak- places of refuge are made avail- ing priority over property salvage. And that, of course, helps to able, just to name a few. reduce the liability of insurers. The cost of salvage seems very

Lloyd’s Open Form (LOF) is modest when compared to the eye watering costs that a major still the most widely used sal- spill will incur. But a key element in reducing property or li- vage contract, even after over ability claims is the timely involvement of salvage assistance.

a century of constant use. At its heart is the requirement for the WHEN A CASUALTY OCCURS salvor to use his “best endeav- Today, no Master or salvage of

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