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Cruise ships berth at the Port of New Orleans Erato Street

Cruise Terminal and Julia

Street Cruise Terminal.

Brandy Christian,

Chief Operations Of? cer, Port of New Orleans disembarkations. “Cruise industry jobs here have roughly doubled in the

Last year’s count last decade and continue to grow with consumer demand for was up more than larger cruise ships and more frequent cruises,” Matt Gresham, 2.6 percent from spokesman for the Port of New Orleans said last month. “Most 2013, and it was cruise-related port jobs are private-terminal operator jobs, nearly three times along with sea caps and security, customs and fuel operators. as many as in The spinoff jobs, of course, include retail, hospitality, tour 2001, when the operators and food service.” According to CLIA, the cruise port began mar- industry provided 8,129 jobs, paying nearly $323 million in keting itself as- wages, across Louisiana’s economic sectors in 2013.

siduously as a cruise destination. In the latest data from Wash- Nipping on the heels of better known cruise destinations ington, DC-based CLIA, the city’s 987,860 embarkations and such as Miami and Port Everglades, the port of New Orleans disembarkations from cruises in 2013 spawned $399 million can point to the doubling of passenger embarkations between in spending in Louisiana and supported thousands of jobs. 2009 and 2013 as a sign that the destination works and that

Over 80 percent of passengers are from out of state, and on satis

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