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top 10 shipyards

E-Mail: Locations in Oregon, Washington Current Job Openings: 127

Web Site: & Alaska Job descriptions:

Number of employees: 2,532 5555 N. Channel Avenue Various @

Turnover rate: 18% Portland, OR 97217 Recruiter contact information:

Telephone: 503-247-1777

Vigor has invested in training and fa-

Preferred method of job training:

Vigor supports a variety of training cilities to provide workers with the op- methods. Vigor offer on the job training, portunity to grow and cross-train in new partner with unions and collaborate with areas. The ? rm has diversi? ed to better local community colleges in Oregon, weather the ups and downs of any one

Washington and Alaska. market segment and thereby provide more job stability for its people. While investing the critical infrastructure nec-

The Case for Vigor:

Vigor is a thriving, increasingly diver- essary to compete on a global level, Vig- si? ed company offering shipbuilding, or has also worked hard to develop into high performance aluminum vessels, a company driven by four core values: ship repair, blasting and coating, ma- • Truth: We see the truth and we chining and complex fabrication servic- speak the truth.

es at 12 locations throughout the beauti- • Responsibility: We act on what ful Paci? c Northwest and Alaska. Vigor we know is right.

is motivated by three simple words: “In- • Evolution: We seek mastery, dustrial Jobs Matter,” to its workers, and we adapt to a changing world.

their families, communities and country. • Love: We care about the people

The ? rm strives to make the company we work with and the world more competitive, and remains focused we live in. on what really matters: Vigor’s people. 48 Maritime Professional 3Q 2015

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