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In? uence of Crew Communications on Recruitment – what operators provide service?

Credit: The Crew Connectivity Survey 2015 availability and cost. “There are increasing calls to mandate the world,” says Crewtoo. The issue is only going to become internet access, and not leave it to the ship owner to decide more urgent, and when you add in the communications needs what connectivity seafarers have,” says Futurenautics. of the business side of the equation, it’s the smart owner that

Where cost is an issue, Crewtoo said some respondents talk- ensures the internet is widely available, open 24-7 and at a ed of earning money at sea only to spend on it feeling closer to no-cost or low-cost option. “Happiness and connectivity are home. The danger here for employers, warns Crewtoo, is that today intrinsically and inescapably linked,” notes Crewtoo, these workers may decide it makes more sense to “turn their which could have added, as is recruitment and retention. The backs on the sea,” and as such, pose a threat to future recruit- message is clear: Investment in internet access and entertain- ment and retention efforts. ment is a small, but necessary price to pay in return for loyal, “Seafarers crave the connection with home and the rest of happy, committed crew.

< 25% 50% 79% container, bulk and mariners who do get respondents saying they had the most general cargo ships Internet access, who also commonly cited – and most expensive providing lowest levels of get it for free – form of provided communications connectivity (voice calling via satellite phone) | Maritime Professional | 11 1-17 Q1 MP2016.indd 11 2/29/2016 10:24:36 AM

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