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Brian Mills

Webb Institute

Graduation Year: 2016

Why this school? What one thing should prospective employers know

I never grew up around the water, but with both grandfathers about you?

retired from the Navy, I had been interested in ships ever since My broad education will make me a very valuable employ-

I was a young boy. Whenever my family would visit the beach, ee. The Webb curriculum covers many facets of ship design,

I would eagerly ask if there were any ship museums in the area, and the internships give me even more varied experiences. practically begging to go see them. So when I began my col- I have the skills to tackle many different types of projects, lege search, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering imme- and the ability to see the big picture, having experienced how diately caught my eye. When I visited Webb, I fell in love with ships are designed, built, and operated.

the close-knit environment and maritime focus of the school.

Tell us about your sea training or internships.

What keeps you here? My freshman winter internship I interned at the Electric

The camaraderie of my classmates helps me work through Boat Quonset Point yard, working as an outside machinist to the projects and all-nighters. After having spent the past three- drill holes and install equipment on submarines. That summer, and-a-half years with the same 18 people, we feel almost like I sailed on the USCGC Eagle, training with the Coast Guard a family. Webb also offers a wide range of contacts and nu- Academy cadets as we sailed around the Atlantic. My sopho- merous networking opportunities. The required internships more winter was spent in San Diego aboard a Military Sealift that take place every January and February gives you a break Command tanker, refueling Navy ships at sea. Between my from schoolwork and the opportunity to do hands-on learning, sophomore and junior year I worked in the Electric Boat naval as well as experience different parts of the industry and world. architecture of? ce. During my junior winter I worked in the structures department of Newport News Shipbuilding, setting

What is your major and what career do you intend to up and running FEA simulations. This past summer I spent pursue? working for Metal Shark Aluminum Boats, supporting both

Like every other student at Webb, I am majoring in Naval new designs and modi? cations to boats already in production.

Architecture and Marine Engineering. I am applying for a My senior internship was spent at General Dynamics National commission in the Coast Guard. I want to sail for a while be- Steel and Shipbuilding Company, working in the production fore I transition into repair or acquisition. liaison groups for both hull and out? tting. Maritime Professional 15I I 1-17 Q1 MP2016.indd 15 2/29/2016 10:26:03 AM

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