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Maritime Training and Education

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Buck Cantwell

California State University

Maritime Academy

Major: Marine Transportation / license track cadet

Why this school? responsibilities assumed by the ship’s of? cers made the job

Cal Maritime appealed to me because of its location in interesting. I would love to ? nd a position aboard a tanker my home state of California and because it offers up-to-date after graduation.

training from experienced maritime professionals in its class- rooms, in state-of-the-art simulators and on the Training Ship What one thing should prospective employers know

Golden Bear. There are plenty of opportunities to gain the about you?

knowledge and hands-on experience necessary for working in I am entering the maritime industry a bit later in life than the maritime industry. Also, the career center offers valuable most. I’ve had a variety of different jobs since earning my ? rst support for graduates seeking employment. bachelor’s degree, but I’ve never considered any of them a “ca- reer” so to speak. I was led to the maritime industry by a desire

What keeps you here? to ? nd a specialized ? eld of work that I was genuinely inter-

Cal Maritime is providing me with a quality education that I ested in; that I could devote myself to for the long term. While believe will lead to a ful? lling career. I have found the mem- I do hope to make a decent living, for me, a job has to be more bers of the teaching faculty to be very supportive and generous than just a paycheck. This is a career that I am excited about, with their time between classes. The location of the campus and I look forward to developing my skills as a ship’s of? cer.

in the San Francisco Bay Area offers plenty of off-campus recreational activities and job opportunities. Tell us about your sea training or internships – who did you work or sail with?

What is your major and what career do you intend to I feel fortunate to have sailed with Alaska Tanker Company pursue? for my commercial cruise. I was impressed by the culture of

I am majoring in marine transportation and look forward safety and the commitment to preventing damage to the en- to starting work as a third mate after graduating at the end vironment that existed within the company and aboard the of 2016. Being new to the industry, there is a lot I have yet vessel. Witnessing the principles and practices I have been to experience, but at this point I am interested in sailing blue learning at the academy being applied on a commercial ves- water. For commercial cruise, I sailed as a cadet aboard an oil sel con? rmed that the education I am receiving is relevant in tanker. It was a great experience, and I felt that the variety of today’s maritime industry.

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