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Gabrielle Wells

Maine Maritime Academy – Cadet Chief Mate /

Woman’s Cross Country Captain

Major: Marine Transportation Operations / license track cadet

Why this school? What one thing should prospective employers know

Maine Maritime Academy is located close to my hometown about you?

of Kittery, Maine, but also because of the hands-on educa- I would like a prospective employer to know that I am tion that they offer really struck a chord with me. Whether extremely tenacious, I pursue every task at hand safely, but aboard the Training Ship state of Maine, Schooner Bowdoin with the same astuteness and resolve regardless of the as- or cadet shipping aboard a commercial vessel, students are signment.

always utilizing practical skills, knowledge, and training to prepare for a successful career. Maine Maritime also jumped Tell us about your at sea training or internships – who out to me as an interesting school due to their unique career did you work for or sail with?

opportunities and outstanding job-placement rate. Growing up During my time at MMA we utilized the Training Ship around the ocean and boating my entire life I felt like attend- state of Maine during the summer months of our freshman ing MMA was an opportunity to skip the typical desk job and and junior year. Freshman year we are considered deck and enjoy working out on the ocean. engine and learn about all aspects of the ship. My sopho- more year I worked as a cadet for US Shipping on the tanker

What keeps you here? M/V Houston for 90 days carrying crude oil. During this

As a senior at Maine Maritime I can say the school’s ability time I obtained my Tankerman’s PIC and completed a cadet- to supply us with as many resources as possible is the largest shipping project that contained celestial navigation, system bene? t in attending. MMA allows students to be diverse and drawings, log books and navigation rules. I learned valu- successful in their future careers. The best part is being able able knowledge about safety, tanker operations and navi- to work with other cadets in a learning environment, working gation. Cadet shipping allowed me to use my knowledge together to reach a common goal. I learn the most from experi- and skills and strengthen them with real work experience. ence and that is what MMA gives you. This experience was very valuable and I thoroughly enjoyed working for US Shipping. My junior summer, I sailed on

What is your major and what career do you intend to the T/S State of Maine, I was selected to be the cadet Chief pursue? Mate. We sailed to Charleston, South Carolina then crossed

I am a senior in the Marine Transportation Operations pro- the Atlantic to Cadiz, Spain. This cruise included standing gram. After graduation I hope to sail on tankers as an unlim- navigational watches, maintenance, celestial navigation and ited license 3rd Mate. shipboard operations. Maritime Professional 13I I 1-17 Q1 MP2016.indd 13 2/29/2016 10:25:33 AM

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