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Frances L. KeelerFrances L. Keeler

Senior Counsel, Clyde & Co US LLP

Frances Keeler might not necessarily be your typical ‘mari-

Early Decisions, Changing Course time professional’ but what she does on a daily basis is no less An undergraduate degree in Chemistry doesn’t necessarily important to the waterfront – and the environment – than, for translate into a career in law, or for that matter, the hint of a example, anything the builder of the best designed vessel in right turn towards the water. But, in Keeler’s case, that’s ex- service today can put together. That’s because Keeler repre- actly what happened. She told MarPro in February, “Growing sents clients before various regulatory entities including the up I always wanted to be a doctor, and never thought I would

US EPA, California Air Resources Board and the local air pol- become an attorney. During college, I volunteered for

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