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the needs and the mission of the agency above any personal ambition, though his career is quite impressive. I often ask myself when preparing a case, ‘What would Mr. Camarena want to know?’”

For Keeler, her years as a regulator have proven invaluable. She explains, “I started as a ? eld inspector at the South

Coast Air Quality Management District.

I went to every kind of land based in- dustry imaginable. Combined with my technical degree, that allowed me to get a solid understanding of a large variety of industrial processes and pollution controls. I went to law school part-time at night and then transferred to the legal division helping to draft and interpret rules and regulations. Not only does all of this education and experience help me to understand the agency perspec- tive, it puts me in a better position to determine whether there is a problem and to help ? nd a solution that everyone can buy into.”

Keeler continues, “Actually, what I am most proud of in my career is help- ing to greatly improve the air quality in the greater Los Angeles area and re- ducing the health impacts air pollu- tion causes to millions of California residents. When I ? rst came to South-

While I do liti- ern California, I didn’t know there were mountains in our backyard. Today I can gate and ? nd that look out the window and see the beau- sometimes it is tiful snow-covered peaks; the result of all our collective (agency, industry and the only solution, community) hard work.”

Beyond that, Keeler is a puzzle-solver.

I don’t necessarily

She enjoys helping clients ? nd the best

Frances L. Keeler, believe that litiga- solution to their issues and working with regulators to ? nd an amicable solution.

Senior Counsel, tion is the best way

She adds, “While I do litigate and ? nd that sometimes it is the only solution, I

Clyde & Co US LLP to resolve an issue.

don’t necessarily believe that litigation is the best way to resolve an issue.” That might just be music to the ears of today maritime shipping executives.

On the Waterfront

In California, where it seems most everything is regulated, Frances told Maritime Professional 23| | 18-33 Q1 MP2016.indd 23 2/29/2016 10:43:58 AM

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