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Maritime Training and Education

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Date founded: November 1st 2005

Training Center


Name of Director: Mr. Mads Friis Soerensen

Hammerhlmen 44-48, DK-2650

Annual Throughput: 4,200 navigators via multiple facilities

Hvidovre, Denmark

Focus of Training: Navigators, shore based staff (DPA, super- in operation worldwide and more than 10,000 navigators intendents, new building project managers, pilots) and rep- have been trained and certi? ed through this system since it resentatives from maritime authorities. The school employs was launched in July 2012. Another big success is the es- real equipment combined with simulation to create the most tablishment of FURUNO’s NavSkills training network, which realistic training environment as possible, where equipment is based on cooperation with local training centers around and systems react realistically to any change in conditions. the world through a service agreement between FURUNO

Simulators: Two full mission navigation simulators featuring and the training centre. The concept includes assessment of ship handling, ice navigation, SAR, etc. and one part task new training partners, education of instructors including re- simulator for ECDIS training. fresh training, annual audits and provision of training mate-

Other Equipment: Computer Aided Training (NavSkills rials and syllabus from FURUNO. The training policies and

CAT) based on cloud technology for distant learning courses are identical in all locations and hence the shipown- providing the same support tools as class room training er does not have to be concerned about the outcome of the through online instructors in Asia and Europe available to training provided. FURUNO has trained and certi? ed more the trainee any time during the training course. The CAT than 20,000 navigators in 14 locations using this concept.

system is developed by FURUNO INS Training Center as an Current Projects: Ongoing development of new training improved distant learning system to CBT. courses for shore based staff, authorities, pilots and wind

Make (OEM) of simulators: ARI and JMS mill service vessels including a new Bridge Resource Man-

Biggest Success: Development and distribution of NavSKills agement training course, which will introduce completely

CAT distant learning system. Today 270 workstations are new methods.

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