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Maritime Training and Education

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West Kentucky Community

Date founded: 2009 & Technical College Inland

Website: &

Logistics & Marine Institute

Name of Director: Dr. Barbara Veazey 631 Marine Way

Annual Throughput: Number of students 686

Paducah, Kentucky 42003

Focus of Training: Academic disciplines include; English, facility located in downtown Paducah, KY. The Inland Lo-

Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, Heritage/ gistics and Marine Institute offers programs that cater to

Humanities, Business, Computer Literacy, Criminal Justice the Maritime Industry serving the inland waterway system. (Homeland Security), Culinary Arts, Logistics, Marine Tech- Programs offered include an Associate Degree in Applied nical (Nautical Science, Engineering), and under Work- Technology in Marine Technology with multiple tracks in- force Specialized training; Marine Technical courses (deck cluding Marine Culinary Management, Marine Engineer- & engineering), Leadership, Culinary, Financial manage- ing, Marine Logistics Operations, and Wheelhouse Man- ment, First Aid/CPR, Fire? ghting, Radar/ECDIS naviga- agement. ILMI also offers an Associate of Applied Science tional training, OSHA safety training, Con? ned Space, degree in Logistics and Operations Management which

Hazardous Material handling, Marine welding. focuses on all modes of transportation. All programs are

Simulators: 8 Radar/ECDIS trainers utilizing Transas/ offered 100% online. In addition to the academic degree

Rosepoint navigation programs, 2 Amatrol Pneumatic/Hy- programs, ILMI offers specialized training to support the draulic trainers, 11 Amatrol Electrical systems trainers, 1 maritime industry. These courses can be tailored to meet a

EMD propulsion engine, 1 Caterpillar diesel generator, 1 speci? c company needs.

Cummins diesel generator Biggest Success: Online academic degree program.

Other Equipment: Multimedia online course enhancement Current Projects: Additional online format for all existing (3D, interactive) and onsite training production. courses called Learn on Demand that allows more ? exibility

Other Information: Named One of the Top Three Com- in enrollment and completion. Continued development uti- munity Colleges in America by the Aspen Institute in 2015 lizing interactive and 3D technology for enhancement of all the Inland Logistics and Marine Institute is an off campus existing online courses is ongoing.

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