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Maritime Training and Education

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Date founded: 1982

Maritime Professional Training

Website: 1915 S. Andrews Avenue

Chief Operations Of? cer: Capt. Ted Morley

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Annual Throughput: 12,000+ students

Focus of Training: All license levels from 6-pack to Unlim- eration training; engine labs for Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, ited Master, engineers from DDE to Unlimited Chief, also Cummins, and MTU; fully equipped machine shop for Metal all ratings for deck and engine including USCG approved Fabrication and Craft Skills; fully equipped (12) station weld-

AB-Deck and AB-Engine (QMED) programs. Over 170 ap- ing lab featuring MIG, TIG, and arc welding equipment. The proved courses and programs for USCG, MCA, MI, and MPT Waterside Facility featuring Pal? nger Marine/Ned Deck

Nautical Institute training- including all STCW requirements. Marine lifeboat davits and single point slew-arm rescue boat

Simulators: Navigational simulators include (3) Class A davits with TELB and SOLAS rescue boats. The Marine Tech

Navigational Bridge FMSHS comprised of (2) 240 degree Fire Academy, an over 10 acre facility for STCW Basic Fire

HFOV DP2 equipped and (1) 360 degree HFOV. (4) All and Advanced Fire Fighting Training, as well as land based

Weather navigational simulators with full INS and single ? re? ghter training. The facility is additionally equipped with visual channels. Also, (1) Class A FMECRS, integrated with much more in way of training aids, too numerous to list here.

any of the 3 bridge simulators- able to utilize steam, slow Make (OEM) of simulators: Transas, MT, Sperry, Furuno, and medium speed diesel, gas turbine, or diesel electric; ABB, Turbine Technologies and either conventional, azipod, or z-drive propulsion as Biggest Success: Continuing to provide clients and students well as high voltage systems. (1) Class A LCHS for product, with cutting edge training that not only meets the regulatory crude, petro-chemical operations. requirements, but also meets the needs of the industry. This

Other Equipment: (12) station ECDIS lab, with Navi Sailor approach allows students to see a measurable improve- 4000 ES6 ECDIS units, conning, single visual channel, Sper- ment in their abilities, job skills, safety, and ef? ciency. ry Bridgemaster E ARPAs. (16) station Radar/ARPA lab with Current Projects: Main campus undergoing a renovation

Furuno 2865 arpas and Sperry Bridgemaster E ARPAs. (6) and expansion bringing total training square footage up station Dynamic Position Lab with (6) MT DP1 consoles, sin- to 61,000 sf. Upgrades to technology, student virtual ac- gle visual channels, ECDIS, full conning controls, and Sperry cess, and classroom equipment are all underway. Recently

ARPAs at each station. (6) station Engineering TecSim Class- completed upgrades to the MPT training ? eet including the room for system integration and peripheral systems train- purchase of (2) new lifeboats, (4) new rescue MOB boats, ing. Also, fully operational ASME Steam Turbine Power Plant and (2) additional FRCs. MPT also just completed a com-

System for operational training on Section 1 power boilers prehensive review and updating of Emergency Response and steam turbine operations. A fully operational Engineer- Procedures for a major cruise line client as well as a Job ing Training Department including Carrier Transicold refrig- Safety Analysis project.

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