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Maritime Training and Education

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H. Christoffersensvej 6

PrimeServ 4960 Holeby

Academies Denmark


Teglholmsgade 35 / Founded: 1969 2450 Copenhagen SV /

Langerak 74

Denmark 9900 Frederikshavn

School Head: Denmark

Tommy Rand Mølau Annual Throughput: 3,000



Focus on Training: The academies are a part of the MAN global System Simulators, ME-GI Control System Simulator, ME-LGI Con-

Academy network which covers 13 academies world-wide to- trol System Simulator, Diesel Switch – Save Change over, Alpha day. Engine training focuses on MAN products which include Lubricator Simulators, Maneuvering Simulator, SaCoSone Simula- 2-Stroke Engines (Copenhagen), 4-Stroke Engines (Holeby), tors, New Engine type Simulator, Classic Engine type Simulators,

Turbochargers (Global academy network), Propellers (Frederik- Alphatronic 2000 Simulator and Alphatronic 3000 Simulator.

shavn), and Turbo Machinery (Global academy network). Biggest Success: Increased growth in the number of students (by

Simulators: The school’s simulators are built so that they re? ect ex- 160%) in the period 2012 to 2015.

actly the same components as found on board vessels. These include Current Projects: The school is just now in the process of ex-

ME Control System Simulators and ME Troubleshooting Simulators, panding the existing academy in Copenhagen with a second both of which can be linked to the ME Simulator in order to simulate engine hall and two additional teaching rooms, expected ready real saturation onboard the vessels. Others include ME-B Control for use in 2nd half 2016.

Image courtesy PrimeServ

Date founded: 1977

Sea School, The Law

Website: www.SeaSchool.Com

School of the Sea

Executive Director: Robert Arnold 8440 4th Street Annual Throughput: 13,000+ at

St. Petersburg, FL 33702 multiple locations

Images courtesy Sea School

Focus of Training: Deck Licenses OUPV through Master 1600 Ton tilus, BCG, Transas, Polaris, Octopus.

STCW - Basic and Advanced endorsements up to unlimited Work- Other Information: Sea School’s Director sits on the National Off- boat Cooking School shore Safety Advisory Committee (NOSAC) to advise USCG and

Simulators: Seven (7) simulators used for RFPNW, TOAR, ECDIS, DHS regarding offshore safety matters.

RADAR/ARPA, GMDSS, BRM, Ship Handling, Numerous systems Biggest Success: A full-time Offshore Cooking School located on are linked. Live HD streaming video of Simulator in use. a super clean 12-acre live-in campus near Mobile, AL is the ulti-

Other Equipment: On campus gravity davits for convenience of mate in one-stop training.

students. Numerous simulators positioned in a variety of locations Current Projects: Sea School has 70+ USCG approved courses with to meet the STCW certi? cation needs of mariners. new offerings monthly including online courses. is con-

Make (OEM) of Simulators: V-Step-Nautis, Kongsberg, SIS, Nau- stantly being updated with news, upcoming classes, and new locations.

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