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in 1994 and served in various roles, both domestically and in- ternationally. His experience working with goods movement, alternative project delivery and transportation-related com- mercial investments closely aligns with his role at the Port.

Kenagy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engi- neering from Oregon State University (1979) and, in 2011 was appointed to the University’s Academy of Distinguished

Engineers. He is a registered Civil Engineer in California and six other states and is a member of the Transportation Re- search Board, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Design-Build Institute of America. He is additionally the recipient of numerous awards from the Orange County and

Los Angeles County Chapters of the American Society of Civ- il Engineers for his work on the Alameda Corridor program,

We have very ambitious goals for including the ASCE Outstanding Civil Engineering Achieve- intermodal. The natural demand ment award and ACEC Grand Award.

for IPI cargo, we often call it, is

Listen in as he shows how the port can and does embrace somewhere around 35%. We two kinds of green on its way to maintaining its current port “ ranking and preparing for what comes next. have goals to go even higher. 31


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