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Port of Long Beach: Interview

You previously served as the Port’s Capital Program Se- with federal dollars but port funding sometimes lags. What nior Executive Lead, overseeing all elements of the Port’s is long Beach doing – or contemplating – when it comes decade-long, $4 billion+ capital development program. to P3 projects and who might they be collaborating with?

We are engaging in those discussions. P3 is a broad spec-

What were those projects and why are they important?

You’re right, I came to the port 2-1/2 years ago to head up trum. It means a lot of things to a lot of people. In a sense, you the capital program. I was attracted by the $4 billion capital could say that many of our projects are P3s, jointly developing program here. This year, our budget for our capital improve- middle harbor for instance, working very closely with our ten- ments is about $500 million because some of these projects ants, we’re making investments in certain things, working very can up to a decade to complete when you go through the plan- closely with them, we are coordinating on what those facilities ning process, permitting and eventually, the construction. Our should look like. That includes con

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