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CREDIT: Carnival Corporation the frst cruise ship to ever be powered at sea by LNG, set sail on run on either LNG or marine gas oil (MGO). “We decided to its maiden voyage from Tenerife in the Canary Islands on De- go down the dual-fuel approach so that in the event there was cember 19, 2018. Speaking with Maritime Logistics Profession- unavailability of LNG or an issue with the gas plant or any al six weeks later, Carnival Corporation senior vice-president of other reason, we could switch over to MGO, but the intention maritime affairs Tom Strang gave his early verdict: LNG works. is to always stick to LNG,” he said. “I’ve heard back from the “It’s good news. From the LNG perspective and a bunkering chief engineer and so far, we’ve had no signifcant operational perspective, it has gone really well. The LNG plant is behav- time on MGO. There may be times when the engine switches ing at least as well as expected, if not better,” he reported. over momentarily to MGO for different reasons, but it’s not

The ship’s four 16-cylinder MaK M46 dual-fuel engines can something that’s happening on a regular basis.” 32 Maritime Logistics Professional January/February 2019 | |

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