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Container Ports

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STATISTICS world’s largest container ships for the ?rst time to pass under it one port, the NWSA or Northwest Seaport Alliance. And they count and serve terminals in New York and New Jersey. NY/NJ as one giant port. As you can see from the next list that would

The top 10 global shipping lines control 84 percent of the world’s reduce six ports among the top 10 to three, and move others up.

container capacity, up from 53 percent in 2006. And consolidation is To portray an accurate picture of TEUs at the ports including sure to continue. As Maersk CEO Soren Skou said to the Financial import TEUs, export TEUs and empty TEUs we have decided to

Times, “The industry is expected to consolidate further leaving about use the little known Port Performance Freight Statistic Report to 5-6 major global carriers in the next decade or so to run the market.” Congress 2017 to report the 2017 totals. To report the 2018 totals

Already, many lists by TEU include Los Angeles/Long Beach to- we have used the ports’ own statistics from 2018 as described in gether as San Pedro Bay. They include SeaTac or Seattle/Tacoma as each of their press releases.

Shipping Alliances 2018

AllianceMembersDetails of Alliance 223 ships with a capacity of around 2.4 million TEUs operating 25 2M MSC, Maersk, HMM weekly services globally covering 1327 port pairs

CMA-CGM, Cosco Group, OOCL & 323 ships with a capacity of around 3.5 million TEUs operating 40

Ocean Alliance

Evergreen weekly services globally covering 1571 port pairs

ONE / One Network Hapag Lloyd, NYK, Yang Ming, 241 ships with a capacity of around 3.3 million TEUs operating 32

Express MOL, K-Line weekly services globally covering 1152 port pairs (*) These 3 alliances, covering 11 lines, include all 10 of the Top 10 container liners in the world + number 15 in the world, K-Line.)

PortTOTAL TEU’s 2018TOTAL TEU’s 2017ImportExportEmpty

Los Angeles9,458,748 9,343,2004,716,0001,900,0002,727,200

Long Beach8,100,000 7,545,0003,863,0001,471,0002,211,000

NY/NJ7,719,788 6,710,0003,396,0001,415,0001,899,000

Savannah, GA4,350,000 4,046,0001,876,0001,372,000798,000

Norfolk2,850,000 2,961,0001,276,0001,135,000550,000

Houston 2,700,000 2,459,0001,076,000966,000417,000

Oakland2,500,000 2,421,000920,000931,000570,000

Charleston, SC2,300,000 2,177,000955,000804,000418,000

Tacoma WA1,972,268 2,012,000866,000726,000420,000

Seattle, WA1,825,358 1,690,000651,000597,000442,000

Port Everglades1,108,465 1,074,000359,000442,000273,000

Miami, FL1,084,000 1,047,000395,000390,000262,000

Baltimore, MD1,023,161 963,000474,000241,000248,000

Jacksonville879,934 1,108,000294,000436,000378,000

Philadelphia600,000 923,000268,000277,000378,000

New Orleans591,253 526,000114,000274,000138,000

Wilmington, NC350,000 247,00075,000115,00057,000

Boston, MA298,036 271,000130,00088,00053,000

Palm Beach230,390 275,000134,000141,0000

Wilmington, DE215,000 376,000188,00072,000116,000 (*) The Port Performance Annual Report to Congress 2017:

Data provided by US Army Corps of Engineers Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center was used to identify the top 25 ports. 47


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