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manufacturing area to assure ef- ficient and economical productivity and, in cooperation with manufac- turing services, develop short and long-range layout, tooling and other capital planning for the manufacturing operations. Other responsibilities include the parti- cipation in development of new products, coordinate manufactur- ing schedules and objectives, maintain and justify proper staff- ing, and coordinate recruiting and development needs with the em- ployee relations department.

Holding a BBA degree granted by Cleveland State University and an MBA degree granted by the

University of Akron, Mr. Fuller is a member of the American In- stitute of Industrial Engineers, the American Society for Metals, and the American Welding So- ciety.

Alco is a leading manufacturer of diesel engines used for marine propulsion, standby electric power generation, onshore and offshore oil exploration, pumping and loco- motive applications.


Stainless Steel Boat Shafting

Alco Power Inc.

Names Richard Fuller

Richard Fuller

Richard Fuller was recently ap- pointed manager of manufactur- ing for Alco Power Inc. of Auburn,

N.Y. Mr. Fuller came to Alco from the Mixing Equipment Co., Inc. in Rochester, N.Y., where he held the position of manager of weld and fabrication departments.

In his new position, Mr. Fuller will be responsible for directing department superintendents in the ...Armco's newest heavy-duty shaft

Now the company that introduced you to the tough family of AQUAMET Stainless

Steel Shafting also offers you

SEALOY® Boat Shafts.

This latest addition to the

Armco Boat Shaft family further rounds out your selection for meeting exact boating needs.

Armco also manufactures

AQUAMET 17,18 and 22

Boat Shafts.

Each special alloy can be ordered in diameters up to 12" and lengths to 40'. Larger diameters are also available in shorter lengths.

The many benefits of our

AQUAMET and SEALOY grades are well founded in the marine industry. AQUAMET 17 has served as the work- horse in fish and work boats for the past 15 years.

All four heavy-duty shafts are available from marine dealers and distributors coast to coast.

For more information, clip this ad to your letterhead and mail to Armco Inc., Dept.

A-118, Box600, Middletown,

Ohio 45043.


ARMCO Materials


FROM NEWPORT NEWS—Tenneco's Newport News Shipbuilding,

Newport News, Va., recently delivered the nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser Mississippi (CGN-40) to the United States Navy. With the Mississippi, Newport News Shipbuilding has delivered 11 of the last 14 nuclear-powered ships received by the Navy since 1975. The

Mississippi is the shipyard's third Virginia-class cruiser and the

Navy's eighth nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser. Including the

Mississippi, the Navy now has 11 nuclear-powered surface ships— eight built by Newport News Shipbuilding. The Mississippi is 585 feet long, has a beam of 63 feet, and displaces about 11,000 tons. It carries two twin-armed batteries of antiaircraft missiles and antisubmarine rockets. The Mississippi also has 5-inch guns, long-range sonar, tor- pedoes, electronic warfare equipment, and a helicopter hangar. Its nuclear reactors contain enough energy for 10 years of operation with- out refueling. The shipyard now has under contract or construction 11 nuclear-powered vessels for the U.S. Navy—nine submarines, one cruiser, and one aircraft carrier—and four commercial vessels—two liquefied natural gas carriers (LNGs), and two ultra large crude car- riers (ULCCs).

A marine navigation seminar, jointly sponsored by Nav-Com In- corporated of North Lindenhurst,

Long Island, N.Y., and Simrad,

Incorporated of Armonk, N.Y., was attended by representatives of major shipping companies, tanker fleets, tug operations, com- mercial fishing interests, area shipyards, and the Corps of En- gineers. The seminar, held on July 20, was presented by Gil Nelson, vice president of marketing for

Simrad. Also representing Simrad were Bjorn Carlsen, president, and Walter Perlowski, product manager.

The seminar covered the latest new product advances in Loran-C navigation equipment, including

Simrad's new CC-2 Navigation

Computer. The CC-2 Navigation

Computer may be used in con- junction with any of Simrad's

Loran-C receivers to provide a digital direct readout of latitude and longitude, bearing to sail, time and distance to destination, true ground speed, and cross track er- ror. All information is derived from the Loran-C receiver. The computer may also be used for other navigation computations.

Other products presented in the seminar included high-perform- ance depth recorders used for navigation and commercial fish- ing. Included among these were such units as the Simard EL, EQ,

EX, etc. Systems employing mul- tiple transducers, digital readouts, depth alarms, and bottom expan- sion were discussed.

Nav-Com And Simrad Co-Host Navigation Seminar

Shown at the reception preceding the seminar are, left to right; Al Carlson, Nav-Com

Inc.; Howard Thompson, Jr., Jakobson Shipyard, Inc.; Bjorn Carlsen, Simrad, Inc.;

Gerald A. Gutman, Nav-Com Inc.; Jack Provenzano, Nav-Com Inc.; Gilbert N. Nelson,

Simrad, Inc.; Edward Blayer, McAllister Bros. Inc., and Walter Perlowski, Simrad, Inc. 16 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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