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lift as easy and as smooth as pos- sible. Visibility from the cab is outstanding, and tinted safety glass helps keep eyes from tiring in the sun. Signal horn, wind- shield wipers, and catwalk rail- ings are just a few of the stand- ard safety features.

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Skagit Series 300,

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Unit Crane & Shovel Corpora- tion of New Berlin, Wise, has a brochure available describing a variety of pedestal-mounted Unit

Mariner cranes that offer eco- nomical, dependable solutions to most marine handling problems, including offshore oil platforms, drilling vessels, workboats, sup- ply vessels, dredges, and barges, as well as dockside cargo han- dling. Sales and service of Unit

Mariners to the offshore industry are handled by Offshore Crane &

Equipment, Inc. of Houston and

New Orleans.

Every Unit Mariner crane, hy- draulic or mechanical, is designed to meet API standards; several meet or exceed ABS specifica- tions. All are available with die- sel or electric prime movers. Load capabilities range from 5 to more than 65 tons—a range to fit the greatest number of jobs — with emphasis on big lifting capacities at long radii.

The model 650-H is the heavy- weight of Unit Mariner offshore cranes. It has a lift capacity of more than 65 tons, a reach up to 150 feet, and spooling capacity of more than 1,760 feet. The 40- foot-tall A-frame design provides the capability for larger and ex- ceptionally useful lift capacities at extended boom radii. For pos- itive environmental protection, all structural members are blast- ed to bare metal, then covered with a three-coat anti-corrosion system.

The hydraulic Unit Mariner 150-H, with trim dimensions, can be mounted where many other cranes could not fit. The separate power package can be placed any- where up to 50 feet from the crane, and can serve two cranes.

The 150-H has a nominal lift ca- pacity of 15 tons, and exceptional capacity at long radii.

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Wijsmuller's semi-submersible heavy-lift vessel Super Servant recently crossed the Atlantic with an unusual cargo — a complete floating generating station. Af- ter unloading at Baton Rouge, La. on the Mississippi, the plant was towed some 1,600 miles upriver to its final destination, where it will generate electricity for the


The biggest harbor towing company on the

Texas Gulf Coast is no faceless corporation. It's

Bay-Houston lowing. And it's owned and oper- ated by the Hadens, a family that has been involved in the towing business for over 100 years.

That's why their fleet of diesel tugs, all the way up to the 4,200-horsepower Captain W. D.

Haden, bears family names.

Doing the job better than anyone else can is more than a challenge. It's a family tradition.


J~f ^oustor^^alvesto^^Torpu^Chh^ entire town of Vanceburg, Ky., located on the Ohio River.

Towing the plant across the At- lantic by tug would have been a difficult operation, but the self- propelled Super Servant is speci- ally designed to load and trans- port all kinds of heavy and awk- ward cargo. The vessel can be submerged to a maximum depth of about 19.7 feet over its entire cargo deck to float cargo aboard, while cargo can also be loaded on to its flush deck by the roll-on / roll-off method.

The generating plant was built by Alsthom-Atlantique, the

French electrical engineering and shipbuilding group, at St. Naz- aire. The entire loading opera- tion took place in the dock where the plant had been built in eight months, demonstrating the flex- ibility of the Super Servant class of vessel.

Heavy-lift specialists Wijsmul- ler, headquartered in Ijmulden,

Netherlands, have three semi- submersible vessels in service, with two more on order in Japan.

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Delivered By HBC Barge, Inc.

HBC Barge, Inc., Brownsville,

Pa., has recently delivered 65 coal hopper barges to American

Electric Power. The barges will be in service on the Kanawa Riv- er. Built to American Electric

Power's standards and specifica- tions, the barges have special de- sign features to meet the com- pany's operating requirements.

Each barge measures 175 feet by 26 feet by 11 feet.

In what may be maritime history, Bay-Houston Towing Company recently christened the four newest members of the fleet all on the same day. Left to right: The Captain W.D. Haden. the W.D. Haden. II. the Barbara H. heuhaus and the Mark ft

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