Naval Ship Maintenance & Modernization/Affordability

Technical Symposium-October 3-4, Norfolk, Va.

A technical symposium, Naval Ship Maintenance & Modernization/ Affordability, sponsored by the Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, and the American Society of Naval Engineers, Tidewater Section, will be held at the OMNI International Hotel in Norfolk Wednesday and Thursday, October 3-4. This is the second of these Naval Ship Maintenance symposia to be held in the Tidewater Virginia area.

The Norfolk Naval Base is the world's largest Naval installation, being home port for more than 130 ships of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Fleets, 45 aircraft squadrons, and 67 shore-based military activities.

Besides the active ports in the area, there are some of the largest shipyards in the world as well as the Norfolk-based ship operators. The Norfolk Metropolitan Area has more than 1.5 million residents—in Norfolk proper, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach—many of them active in the maritime industry.

This two-day symposium, which will be accompanied by exhibits of more than 50 companies and Government agencies, will provide a forum for a broad view of initiatives, and for an exchange of ideas for reducing the cost of maintaining and modernizing the growing U.S.

Navy Fleet. The program this year will focus on initiatives aimed at achieving technical requirements in a more efficient manner.

VADM William F. McCauley, USN, Prospective COMNAVSURFLANT, will welcome attendees at the start of the symposium, followed by keynote speaker ADM Wesley L. Macdonald, USN, Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Speakers at the Working Luncheons will be ASNE president RADM James K. Nunneley, USN (Ret.), and COMO Stuart F. Piatt, USN, Competition Advocate General of the Navy. The guest speaker at the final banquet on October 4 will be M. Lee Rice, president of the Shipbuilders Council of America.

Technical Program Wednesday, October 3 Session #1—Diagnostics and Testing, Claremont Room.

Moderator: Paul Sacilotto 1000-1050—"Survey of Special Tests Conducted by PERA (Crudes)" by R. MacGregor and D. Robison.

1100-1150—"Effective Computerized Vibration Data Analysis for Repair Recommendations of Naval Machinery," by S. Kutufaris and S. Straudt.

Session #2—Submarine Repair, Brandon Room.

Moderator: COMO M. MacKinnon I I I .

1000-1050—"Production Line Concept for Overhauling Submarines— An Update," by K.F. Lanzillo.

1100-1150—"Submarine Advanced Equipment Repair Program," by E.R. Eckstein.

Session #3—Working Luncheon.

Speaker: RADM James K. Nunneley, USN (Ret.), president of ASNE.

Session #4—Ship Overhaul Process, Claremont Room.

Moderator: RADM Jamie Adair, USN (Ret.).

1430-1520—"NAVSEA's Expanded Planning Yards," by Larry R.


1530-1620—"How Modular Combat Systems Will Enhance Support of Surface Combatants," by J. Birindelli and A.R. Boerum.

Session #5—Process Improvement, Brandon Room.

Moderator: Edward T. Kinney.

1430-1520—"Production and Service Test of Thermal Spray Coatings for Naval Machinery," by R. Helliwell, F. Rogers, and R.


1530-1620—"Abrasives Reclamation in Shipyards," by J. Peart.

1630-1720—"Underwater Repair and Ship Husbandry," by LT. Karen Lynn, CEC, USN.

Session #6—Acquisition Strategy, Poplar and Providence Halls.

Moderator: VADM V. Lascara, USN (Ret.).

1530-1645—"The Cost of Competition and its Consideration in the Acquisition Strategy," by J.H. Augusta and J.S. Grosson.

Thursday, October 4 S e s s i o n #7— Cost Savings Through Component Design, Claremont Room.

Moderator: Gary D. Schulenburg.

0830-0920—"RACER—Affordability Through Maintainability," by M. Donovan and W. Mattson.

0930-1020—"The Significance of CAD in the Maintenance and Modernization of Ships," by S. Tatum.

1030-1120—"Water-Lubricated Rubber Bearings—History and New Developments," by R. OrndorfF and N. Tiedeman.

Session #8—Combat Systems Overhaul and Maintenance I, Brandon Room.

Moderator: COMO G.J. Flannery, USN 0830-0920—"The Master Ordnance Repair Program," by CAPT J. Chenard, USN, and W. Stimson.

0930-1020—"Combat Systems Overhaul in a Naval Shipyard," by CDR G.P. Nanos, USN, and CDR Huffman, USN.

1030-1120—"Combat Systems Maintenance," by CDR T.C. Seward, USN.

Session #9—Quality Assurance, Poplar and Providence Halls.

Moderator: RADM W. McGarrah, USN (Ret.).

0830—"Shipyard Quality Assurance," by V.W. Davis.

"Ship Overhauls and Quality Assurance in Private Shipyards," by CAPT J.A. Culver, USN.

"Quality Assurance," by A.C. Munson.

Session #10—Working Luncheon.

Speaker: COMO Stuart F. Piatt, USN, Competition Advocate General of the Navy.

Session #11—Combat Systems Overhaul and Maintenance II, Brandon Room.

Moderator: RADM John D.

Beecher, USN.

1400-1715—"Remote Technical Assistance (RTA)," by CDR A.L.

Tucker, USN, and E.G. Newman.

"Combat Systems Testing, Surface Combatants," by J.S. Gallahue.

"Integrated Diagnostics—A Challenge in Support Design," by M.

Battagalia and G. Neumann.

Session #12—Maintenance Management, Claremont Room.

Moderator: Gary M. Bowers.

1400-1715—"Maintenance Management Strategy," by LCDR C.P.

Hedderich, USN, and CDR J.M.

Todd, USN.

"Phased Maintenance," by CDR J.M. Todd, USN.

"An Approach to Intra-Cycle Maintenance Material Management," by F. Praissman.

Session #13—Modernization, Poplar and Providence Halls.

Moderator: COMO David P. Donohue, USN.

1430-1520—"Battleship Reactivation— A Perspective," by CAPT J.G. Champlain, USN.

1530-1620—"CG-47 Class Upgrade Approach," by CAPT W.S. Szczypinski Jr., USN, and CDR J.J.

Nittle, USN.

1830-1930—Cocktails in Exhibit Area.

1930—Banquet, Guest Speaker: M. Lee Rice, president, Shipbuilders Council of America.

For additional information and registration forms, contact Mrs.

Sally Skolnick, American Society of Naval Engineers, 1452 Duke Street, Alexandria, Va. 22314; telephone (703) 836-6727.

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