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GASTECH 85 (continued) manager-LPG trade & supply, BP

Gas International, London. "Exports of LPG from Venezuela," by A. Villasmil, trading manager,

Maraven S.A., Caracas.


K.R. Al-Oteiba, marketing direc- tor, Abu Dhabi National Oil Corpo- ration.

K.A. Harami, manager-sales,

Western Hemisphere, Kuwait Pe- troleum Corporation.

F. Anderiz-Cebrian, director,

LPG Supply Department, Butano

SA Madrid.

C.E. Bonnet, director-gas, Total

Group, Paris.

B. Bramono, head, Gas Marketing

Bureau, Pertamina.

F.B. Maple, vice president-corpo- rate planning, Petrolane, Inc., Long

Beach, Calif.

M.K. Faid, director-gas exports,

Sonatrach, Algeria.

R.J. Foster, general manager-pe- troleum marketing, Broken Hill

Pty. Company, Melbourne.

B.W. Kim, president, Yosu Energy

Company, Seoul.

M. Muhammad, general manager,

International Marketing Division,

Petroliam Nasional Berhad, Malay- sia.

T. Nishimura, manager, Product and LPG Acquisitions Section,

Idemitsu Kosan, Tokyo.

J.E. Sandvik, senior vice presi- dent-refining & marketing, Statoil,


O. Shaban, manager, International

Trade Division, General Petroleum & Mineral Organization, Saudi Ara- bia.

Session Three

Safety & Training

Chairman: R.C. Gray, general manager, Society of International

Gas Tanker and Terminal Opera- tors Ltd., Bermuda. 10:00 am—"Analysis of the LPG

Disaster at San Juan Ixhuatepec,

Mexico City, 19 November 1984," by C.M. Pietersen, TNO-Nether- lands Organization for Applied

Scientific Research, Department of

Industrial Safety. "Burnout Risk Analysis in Gas

Storage Plants," bv M. Huther, M.

Zehri, J-P Gilbert, and R. Giri- bone, Bureau Veritas, France. "Development Control Around

LPG Installations," by P.J.

Crossthwaite, health and safety executive, Major Hazards Assess- ment Unit, U.K. "Are the Risks in Your Gas Plant

Being Properly Managed?" by J.G.

Sellers and C.J. Luck, Arthur D.

Little, Ltd., London. 12:00 noon—Discussion of Pa- pers. 12:30 prn—Luncheon for Dele- gates. 2:00 pm—"Salvage of Cargo from the War-Damaged 'Gaz Fountain,' "

J.A. Carter, Marine Safety Ser- vices Ltd., P. & 0. Group, London.

W.J. Yopp, manager, LPG Depart- ment, Mobil Corporation, New

York. 2:30 pm—"BLEVE Probability of a 100 Te LPG Storage Vessel," by

K.W. Blything, Safety and Reli- ability Directorate, UKAEA. "Ther- mal Radiation from LNG Trench

Fires," by P.A. Croce and K.S.

Mudan, Arthur D. Little, Inc.,

Cambridge, Mass., and S.J. Wiers- ma, Gas Research Institute, Chica- go- 3:00 pm—Discussion of Papers. 3:30 pm—Coffee Break.

Session Four

Development of Frontier

Gas Fields: The

Technological Challenge

Moderator: R. Kvamsdal, Kvaern- er Subsea Contracting A/S, Nor- way. 4:30 pm—Panelists:

P. Fabiani, deputy manager-ad- vanced technology, Total Explora- tion-Production, Paris.

K. Kokkinowrachos, professor of ocean engineering, Technical Uni- versity of Hamburg-Harburg &

Head, West Germany.

S. Yoshii, general manager, Tech- nical Research Centre, Japan Na- tional Oil Corporation, Tokyo.

J. English, special projects man- ager, Can-Dive Services Ltd., Van- couver, B.C.

Thursday, November 14

Session Five


Technology & Operations

Chairmen: R.J. Lakey, Robert J.

Lakey & Associates, Houston; and

R.C. Ffooks, consultant, London. 10:00 am—"Design, Construction and Periodical Surveys of Ships for Liquefied Gases—A Classifica- tion Society's Viewpoint," by D.

McLean and R.M. Cripps,

Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Lon- don. "U.S. Coast Guard Program for

New and Existing Liquefied Gas

Ships," by K.S. Cook and A.L.

Rowek, U.S. Coast Guard, Wash- ington. "Time for a Collision-Resistant

LPG Carrier Fleet," by F.S. Har- ris, consultant, U.K. 11:00 am—Discussion of Papers. 12:00 noon—"The LNG/LIN

Scheme as a Transport Alternative for Northern Norwegian Gas," J.

Bakke, Kvaerner R&D Division,

Norway, and R.S. Heie.rsted, Sta- toil, Norway. 12:30 pm—Luncheon for Dele- gates.

French Containment Systems

Defined: 2:00 pm—Technical and Economic

Aspects of GT LNG Carriers' Con- tainment System Enhanced by High

Standardization and Automated In- sulation Processess," by R. Loot- voet, Gaz-Transport, France. "The Low Boil-off Technigaz

Membrane System: An Assessment of Safety, Reliability and Opera- tional Economy," by M. Betille and J.M. Lebreton, SN Techni- gaz, France. 2:30 pm—Discussion of Papers. 3:00 pm—Coffee Break.

Japanese Developments in

LNG Transportation: 3:30 pm—"A New Generation of

LNG Carriers for Economy and Op- erational Flexibility," by R. Ogi- wara, T. Yokawa, Y. Kityama,

N. Nakano, and M. Shiraha, Ka- wasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.,

Kobe. "Future LNG Carriers," by N.

Umekawa, T. Kobayshi, N.

Ogawa, and T. Akiba, Nippon

Kokan K.K., Tokyo. "Design and Actual Service of

Cargo-Handling Equipment on an

LNG Carrier," by S. Hata, S. Fu- kushima, Y. Kobayashi, K. Ka- wabata, and N. Itoyama, Mitsu- bishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Tokyo. "The IHI SPB LNG System-

Application of Advanced Al-alloy

Welding Technology," by N. lino,

K. Minoda, N. Okui, and T. Fuji- tani, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy

Industries Co. Ltd., Tokyo. 4:30 pm—Discussion of Papers.

Session Six

Commercial, Documentation & Contracts

Chairman: J.M. Soesan, consul- tant, U.K. 10:00 am—"Contract Protection of Recoverable Reserves," by E.A.

Massey, Arent, Fox, Kintner, Plot- kin & Kahn, Washington, D.C. "A New Concept for Gas Tankers

Operators—Zero Cost Ships," by

R.J. Stanclift Jr., consultant,

Convent Station, N.J. " 'LPG Pricetag' and the Euro- pean Market 1984/5," by K. Pot- ter, consultant, U.K. 11:30 am—Discussion of Papers. 12:30 pm—Luncheon for Dele- gates.

Session Seven

Gases As Transportation


Chairman: T.J. Joyce, T. Joyce As- sociation, Fairfax, Va. 2:00 pm—"TNO's Experience with

Natural Gas and LPG as a Fuel in

Petrol and Diesel Engines," by P. van Sloten and J.J. Seppen, Re- search Institute for Road Vehicles,

TNO, Netherlands. "Research, Development and

Demonstration in Canada of Natu- ral Gas as an Alternative Transpor- tation Fuel for Diesel Engines," by

J.S. Heenan, Transportation En- ergy Division, Energy Mines and

Resources Canada, Ottawa; and L.

Gettel, B.C. Research, Vancouver. "Natural Gas: The Ideal Fuel for

Diesel Engines," by E. Bollina and

R. Basaglia, B + B Engineering

Sri., Italy. 3:00 pm—Discussion of Papers. 3:30 pm—Coffee Break. 4:00 pm—"The Role Played by

LPG as a Fuel for Internal Combus- tion Engines in the Fight Against

Pollution and for the Reduction of

Fuel Consumption," by C. Casac- ci, Sprint Auto S.p.A., Italy. "Environmental Consequences and Advantages when Using Mod- ern LPG and CNG Autogas Sys- tems," by G. Jager, Vialle Autogas

Systems, Son, Netherlands. "Field Experience with the

HOPT-LP-Gas Injection System— a 60% Reduction in Toxic Emis- sions," by E.J. Kronenberger,

V.T.P. Kronenberger GmbH, West

Germany. 5:00 pm—Discussion of Papers.

Friday, November 15

Session Eight

Liquefied Gas Terminals

And Storage

Chairman: Alexis Pastuhov,

AVP Corporation; and R.M.L. Vin- cent, Gaz de France, Paris. 10:00 am—"Optimization of the

LNG Regasification System Used in the Gaz de France Terminal at Non- toir de Bretagne," by J.L. Colon- na, B. Lecomte, and S. Caudron,

Gaz de France, Production & Trans- port Division, Paris. "Boil-off Gas Recovery by Recon- densation in LNG," by M. Leray,

Gaz de France; P. Petit, L'Air Li- 34 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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