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MARKISCHES WERK, HALVER valve spindles • seat inserts • valve cages • valve rotators - • valve cage assembly Circle 270 on Reader Service Card •>• quide; and H. Paradowski, Tech- nip, Paris. 11:00 am—Discussion of Papers. 11:30 am—"Offshore Loading of

LNG: A Review of Methods, Proce- dures, and Constructions with Em- phasis on Safety and Operability," by R.F. Schrader, P.M. Mo- winckel, and B. Borgaas,

Kvaerner R&D Division, Norway. "The CHAGAL Offshore Refrig- erated LPG Terminal—Latest De- velopments and Applications," by

P. Branchereau, Enterprise d'Equipments Mecaniques et Hy- drauliques, France; and E. Bon- jour, Cie. Francais de Petroles, Par- is. 12:00 noon—Discussion of Pa- pers. 12:30 pm—Luncheon for Dele- gates. 2:00 pm—"LPG and LNG Termi- nals Associated with Underground

Storage," by J.P. Lagron and A.

Boulanger, Geostock, Paris; and

W. Luyten, Distrigaz, Brussels. "GMS 2000 Project: Building the

First LPG Membrane Tank," by P.

Fuvel, Total-C.F.P.; and J.

Claude, SN Technigaz. "Commissioning of a New LPG

Storage System in Le Havre using

Semi-buried, Pressurized Cylindri- cal Storage Systems," by G. Bon- nafous, Temis, Paris; and A. De- vine, STR, Strasbourg. 3:00 pm—Discussion of Papers. 3:30 pm—Coffee Break. 4:00 pm—"Inside an LNG Storage

Tank," by C.A. Durr, D.B. Craw- ford, and S.E. Handman, M.W.

Kellogg Inc., Houston. "The Cooper Basin Liquids Proj- ect: Process Design and Start-up" by D. White-Stevens, Santos

Ltd., Adelaide; and D.G. Elliot, Oil

Industry Services Inc., Houston. "Design and Project Management

Aspects of the LPG Facilities at

Port Bonython, South Australia," by J.M. Craker, R.S. Dutton, and R.M. Scott, Davy McKee Pa- cific Pty. Ltd., Melbourne. 5:00 pm—Discussion of Papers.

Session Nine

Technical Developments

And Materials

Chairman: W. Brumshagen, man- aging director, LGA Gastechnik

GmbH, West Germany. 10:00 am—"The Gaz de France

Cryogenic Testing Station," by J.C.

Le Diraison and P. Bailleul, Gaz de France-DETN, Nantes. "LNG Sampling Measurement

Process," by E. Flesch, Gaz de

France-DETN; and M. Dourche,

Comsip, Paris. "Direct Mass Flow Measurement of LPG/LNG," by L.A. Broom- head, Brooks Instrument Division,

Emerson Electric U.K. Ltd., U.K. "Improvement of Gas Tanker

Operating Efficiency," by F.R.

Olschlager, LGA Gastechnik

GmbH, West Germany. 11:00 am—Discussion of Papers. 11:20 am—"Stress Corrosion

Cracking of 3.5 Ni Steel in Liquid

Ammonia," by V. Lemoine, J.

Charles, G.M. Pressouyre, and

L. Cadiou, Societe Creusot-Loire,

France. "Improvement in Weldability in

Fe 36% Ni Alloy for Transportation

Tanks," by K. Ohsaki, H. Kane- zashi, T. Kanamura, and K. Mu- kai, Nisshin Steel Co. Ltd., Japan. "A Comparison of Various Plastic

Materials Concerning their Behav- ior at Cryogenic Temperatures," by

R. Krause, G + H Montage GmbH,

West Germany. 12:00 noon—Discussion of Pa- pers. 12:30 pm—Luncheon for Dele- gates.

Technical Visits

Delegates to the Gastech 85 meet- ing will have the opportunity of par- ticipating in one of two post-confer- ence technical visits on the French

Mediterranean Coast. Both visits will take place on Saturday, Novem- ber 16.

Visit 1: Chantiers Navals de

La Ciotat.

This facility is one of three main shipyards forming the Chantiers du Nord et de la Mediterranee (N0RMED) Group, which this year celebrates 30 years of gas ship con- struction. N0RMED has delivered (continued)

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