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Fred Schuyler Sells

Fendering Company

Greg Armfield and Dennis

Kerber recently announced that they have purchased the assets of

Schuyler's Bumpers, Inc. from

Fred Schuyler, a pioneer in the marine fendering industry.

The new company, Schuyler

Manufacturing Co., will continue to service the commercial and military marine industry with a complete line of engineered and standardized fendering systems. Operations will continue at both manufacturing plants, located in Woodinville,

Wash., and Staten Island, N.Y.

Mr. Schuyler operated the busi- ness he founded over 30 years ago.

He designed and built much of the specialized manufacturing equip- ment required to produce heavy- duty fendering from remanufac- tured tires. Many fenders used to- day were also designed by him. He will continue as a consultant for the new company.

Schuyler Manufacturing Co. also offers weld-on fenders for fishing trawlers, trawl net discs, industrial loading dock bumpers, wheel chocks, blasting and loading mats, and street pads for back-hoes and crawler tractors.

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RDD, Inc. Appointed

Exclusive Distributor

For SPT Ltd. Products

Exxon Introduces

Cost-Saving Marine

Lubricant Line

Exxon Company, International (ECI) recently announced at a gath- ering of shipping industry represen- tatives that they have developed a new, high quality marine lubricant line called Exxmar to replace their existing diesel lubricants line, Tro- mar.

The new line, designed to exceed current and expected future re- quirements for engine lubricants, is the result of three years of extensive laboratory research and on-board testing.

According to ECI, the Exxmar products, in side-by-side tests with

Tromar lubricants, were consis- tently proved superior in the areas of wear control, alkalinity retention, and cleanliness. In addition, the new line is being made available without any accompanying increase in cost to the shipowner.

ECI test results showed that Exx- mar products reduced liner wear and enhanced engine cleanliness as much as 30 percent compared with

Tromar. The company said that these benefits, when combined with the Exxcare used oil analysis pro- gram and the services of Exxon's marine technical staff, will provide vessel owners and operators many opportunities to improve their oper- ations and reduce costs.

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Rheiner Dinges

SPT Ltd. of Tollesbury, England, manufacturer of intercommunica- tions systems for marine and indus- trial use, recently announced the appointment of RDD, Inc. of Hous- ton, Texas, to the exclusive distribu- torship of SPT products for the

United States, Canada, Mexico,

Central and South America, and the

Caribbean Basin.

Rheiner Dinges, president of

RDD, Inc., was previously employed as vice president-technical sales/ marketing for SPT Audio, Inc., a former USA-based branch of SPT.

Mr. Dinges brings to RDD, Inc. 15 years of marine electronic sales and service experience. Prior to working for SPT, Mr. Dinges was employed by Electro-Nav as vice president- technical sales and service, Texas

Gulf Coast.

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Continuing development for future market needs 4RTA62 research engine at the Sulzer Winterthur works.

Sulzer Brothers Limited

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Diesel Engine Division

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Leading in

Diesel Technology


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