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MAKING WAVES—Matson Navigation

Company's new 387-foot container barge Islan- der slides in to the Neches River from the launching ways at Bethlehem Steel Corpora- tion's Beaumont, Texas, shipyard. The Islander has a 316-container capacity and will be used in

Matson's mid-Pacific service.

Mackay Named

Exclusive U.S. Distributor

Of Skanti Communication System —Brochure Available

Mackay Communications, Inc., has been named the exclusive distributor for the Skanti

TRP 8258S in the U.S. according to a recent announcement by the company.

The Skanti TRP 8258S is an advanced com- munication system based on the latest computer technology and is designed to satisfy the ex- pected future international requirements for HF radio equipment in the form of Global Maritime

Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and Digi- tal Selective Calling (DSC). The TRP 8258S is a 250-watt PEP, FCC type accepted, SSB radio- telephone, synthesized over 1.6 to 30 MHz fre- quency range and all functions are microproces- sor controlled. Provision has been made for automatic telex systems such as MARITEX when used with an optional telex (SITOR) ter- minal. The three-unit system comprising a transceiver, user-friendly control unit, and an antenna tuner provides flexibility of installa- tion.

For a free brochure fully detailing the Skanti communications system,

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Munson Mfg. presents the Sea Liner series of high speed passenger vessels "At the end of our first season I stood back and looked at The

Pride' wondering what

I would do differently if I were planning a new boat to replace it.

I decided the new boat would be identical

Capt. Bob Hilke, Rainy Lake Cruises. "Two seasons of use have proven the

Lucky Strike' to be the fastest and most durable passenger boat on the East Coast." Capt.

Mike Skalitza, Coastal

Marine Transport Lines "The Jacana' is the pride of

Gamboa Lake and the Smithsonian

She is well designed, comfortable, extremely fast and surpasses all our expectations.

She carries more weight and goes 25% faster than anticipated. The Jacana' has been praised by scientists from the world over." Ramon Ely,

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

The 'Yukon Queen' is under construction and will be put into service June, 1988. She is powered by three 585 hp diesels coupled to water jet drives.

Munson offers its Sea Liner series of passenger boats in sizes from 38 to 65 feet. For further information send for our 1988 64-page workboat catalog or call Bill Munson at 206-776-8222.

HRmmERHERD . aurrnHum BORTS . f***mmoi*7 Manufacturing Inc. 50 Dayton, Edmonds Wa. 98020

FAX: 206-672-0395

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Sponsored by National Fisherman



OCTOBER 12-15,1988

Now in our 22nd year, FISH EXPO '88 returns to Boston, where you can meet the world's leading suppliers of Fishing Gear, Marine

Equipment and Supplies at the

World's Largest commercial

Fishing Trade Show. Don't miss it!

Over 750 Exhibits 500 companies 15,000 Visitors

Free Seminars

For more information:

National Fisherman Expositions, inc.

P.O. BOX 7437 DTS, Portland, ME 04772 207-772-3005

Telex: 322721 FAX: 207-772-5059

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