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Mackay Communications

Wins U.S. Navy AGOR-23

Electronics Package

Mackay Communications, Inc. of

Raleigh, N.C., has been awarded a subcontract to supply the exterior, interior communication as well as the navigational equipment for

AGOR-23. In addition, Mackay has contracted to perform the complete turn-key installation of the Navy's newest oceanographic research ves- sel.

Mackay has contracted with

Halter Marine Inc. of Moss Point,

Miss., a division of Trinity Marine

Group, New Orleans, La.

Mackay offers a complete pro- gram service from planning, design, supply of equipment, turn-key in- stallation as well as EMI surveys and control plans.

Mackay military maintenance and repair group, based in Jackson- ville, Fla., will be the program activ- ity, managed from the Elizabeth,

N.J., headquarters.

For free literature giving full in- formation on Mackay Communica- tions,

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Today you need an engine.

Tomorrow you need it to work and keep on working. You can count on Morrison Knudsen today and tomorrow.

We design, build and supply propul- sion systems and generator sets for use throughout the world. Systems that have to perform consistently, dependably and economically. Systems that have to keep on working.

That's why tomorrow is a standard part of every product we sell. We will pro- vide intensive training for your personnel and complete parts and service support to keep your engine... and your tomorrow's ... running smoothly.

So call on Morrison Knudsen, Power

Systems Division today. Tomorrow, you'll be glad you did.




RO. Box 1928, Rocky Mount, NC 27801 (919) 977-2720, FAX: (919) 446-3830

Morrison Knudsen, Pcnver Systems Division is the authorized distributor of EMD products on the U.S. East Coast and Caribbean.



WESTMOINTT O^Oy^Si^ 10805 Painter Ave.. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (213) 723-3186

CABLE: WESTMONT FAX#: (213) 946-5299

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Introducing theWYNN Straight-Line Marine

Window Wiper that keeps on working!

WYNN...Strong, Rugged marine window wipers, designed to work and keep on working, in all kinds of weather and conditions.

WYNN stays warm, stays dry, is corrosion resistant and keeps working with virtually no maintenance. WYNN, don't leave port without it!

Detailed catalogs and technical information available.



Staverton Airport. Gloucester GL2 9QW, England

Telephone: Churchdown (0452) 713264 • Telex: 43239 - Telefax: (452) 714749

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Bruce Seaton Named

Recipient Of 1988


Bruce Seaton, chairman of

American President Companies, has been named recipient of the 1988

Admiral of the Ocean Sea award.

The award is the most prestigious honor bestowed each year by the

U.S. maritime community and is presented by United Seamen's Ser- vice. The award is traditionally giv- en to persons or organizations in management, labor, or the govern- ment that have advanced the role of the U.S. flag in ocean shipping and the American seafaring community.

The presentation was announced by John Bowers, president of the

International Longshoreman's As- sociation and chairman of the USS

AOTOS Committee and a vice pres- ident and member of the USS board of directors.

Mr. Seaton heads the Oakland,

Calif.-based APC, a diversified cor- poration which provides American- flag international ocean shipping and distribution services. He has guided a major operational redirec- tion of the transportation company since assuming its leadership in 1977.

FMC Issues New Brochure

On Dynetor Connectors

FMC Fluid Control Operation has issued a 20-page, four-color bro- chure featuring its new Dynetor®


As described in the brochure, Dy- netor Connectors are designed to replace flanges and clamp-type con- nections in applications from 1-1/2 to 6-inch sizes. Dynetor Connectors weigh from one-fifth to one-half the weight of flanges and clamp-type connections, have smaller profiles and diameters, and can be made-up over five times faster. The brochure uses cutaway airbrush art and spot photographs to illustrate the design principals of Dynetor Connectors and to highlight the features and benefits of the various designs.

Dynetor Connectors are available in sizes and materials to meet ANSI pipe schedules, API bore sizes, and other industry standards. All Dyne- tor Connectors are suited for both standard and sour gas services at cold working pressures up to 15,000 psi. Complete specifications, instal- lation instructions, and nomencla- ture for designating Dynetor Con- nectors are provided is easy-to-read form.

FMC Corporation, headquartered in Chicago, is one of the world's leading producers of machinery and chemicals for industry, government and agriculture. The company oper- ates 112 manufacturing and mine facilities in 27 states and 15 foreign countries. Businesses are divided into four major segments: industrial chemicals, defense systems, per- formance chemicals, and machinery and equipment.

For more information and a free copy of the new four-color brochure on Dynetor Connectors from FMC,

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Tomorrow Comes

Standard With Every

Engine We Sell

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