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Fetterolf's Specialty

Assembly Valve

Eliminates Field-Welding

Fetterolf Corporation, Skippack,

Pa., long an expert in specialty valves, has the capacity to assemble standard and custom valves into piping systems. The valves can be permanently installed into flanged or weld-end piping sections, allow- ing the customer to custom-design the assembly to meet his specific needs as a prefabricated piping sec- tion. Both the piping section and the valve may be head-jacketed for appropriate temperature control if desired.

Fetterolf's Ram-Seal® piping/ valve assemblies provide clog-free sampling and drain capability while eliminating field-welding of valves into piping systems. Dead tight shut-off with pressures to 6,000 psi and temperatures to 1,000 degrees F are standard features in Ram-Seal valves.

For solutions to specialty valve problems and free literature offered by Fetterolf Corporation,

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HUNDREDS IN USE! ' Jarrah Hull #610 Master R. Hal Dean USCG Tahoma * Diane Hull #611 SS Ultrasea USCG Esacanaba ' Overseas Joyce Hull #618 SS Rotterdam USCG Cutter Hull 1 Garden Green Overseas Alaska SS Westerdam USCG Bear ' Vesta Overseas Arctic Kittanning USCG Harriet Lane ' Argus Traveler Overseas Chicago SS Kenai USCG Northwind

Northern Lion Overseas Marilyn MV Michael Lemos USS Enterprise 1 AJlegre Overseas Washington S/T Charleston USS Inchon ' Northern Light M/T Venus V S/T American Heritage US Navy Indianhead MD r Ravenna M/T \festa M/V Philadelphia USS Henry B. Wilson ' Enterprise M/V Elaine M/V Baltimore USS Pigeon ' Esplange Overseas Harriette M/V Adonis The Comfort Tan .A 215660/K6-003 Overseas Joyce SS Sierra Madre TA 19 NOAA

Berul M/T Atlanta M/V Mobile The Mercy TAH 19

Western Lion M/T Lucy M/V Groton The Comfort Tahn

Southern Lion M/T Maryann S/T Golden Monarch Norwegian Carribean ' Shirley M/T Suzanne SS Coast Ranger Cruise Line ' Rebecca M/T Uranus SS Blue Ridge Monarch Cruise Lines ' Pluto M/T Overseas Boston Science Explorer "The Volendam," Holland ' Julie N S/T Overseas Juneau S/L Hawaii America Cruises

Eastern Lion S/T Overseas Natalie S/L Trader "The Veendam," Holland ' Concordia C Queen of Bermuda S/L Navigator American Cruises 609 Bermuda Star S/L Pacific The Conception 4837 Vera Cruz S/L Enterprise The Vision ' Samson S.S.I.T. USS Puget Sound USCG Acushnet M/V Badak

Atlanta SS Golden GateM/V USCG Spencer M/V Dodsland igram Dorado USCG Tampa M/V Nilam la Chesapeake Trader USCG Quachita M/V Maureen i Delaware Trader USCG Campbell M/V Mercedes #609 Golden Endeavor USCG Thetis M/V Palacio

For complete information on all Models, phone or write:


TFC CORPORATION 9819 Logan Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55431 800-826-0091 • 612-881-4900


Model 1600 Model 1800


Model 2400

Avondale Unit Wins $4-Million Contract

To Build High-Speed Ferry

The Boat Division of Avondale

Industries, New Orleans, La., was recently awarded a $4-million order to build the second in a series of high-speed, surface-effect passenger ferries for Tri-State Marine Trans- portation, New York, N.Y.

The 109-foot "Air Ride" passen- ger ferry, designed by Air Craft,

Inc., will be able to travel at speeds in excess of 40 knots. She will be powered by twin 16-cylinder Deutz

MWM 604B series diesel engines.

The first vessel in this series is expected to be delivered by Avon- dale shortly.

For further information on the boatbuilding services of Avondale's

Boat Division,

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Integrated Bridge Control

System Offered By Valmet —Literatured Available

Valmet Automation a.s., Norway, has developed a computer-based, integrated bridge control system for medium- and slow-speed engines.

Based on experience from the in- tegrated automation system, Dam- atic Marine System, which com- prises monitoring and control of main and auxiliary engines, the new bridge control system has been de- veloped according to the same prin- ciples with regard to both hardware and software.

The system is called Damatic RC and is currently available in two basic models: Damatic RC-1 for slow-speed engine with fixed pro- peller; and Damatic RC-2 for me- dium-speed engine, but also multi- engine installations.

Damatic RC is an integrated bridge control system which com- prises all controls of the main en- gine, including safety shutdown sys- tem. In addition, the RC-2 includes a propeller pitch control system.

Damatic RC was developed in close cooperation with one of the world's leading engine manufactur- ers who has stipulated stringent re- quirements for performance and quality, and operations and safety during maneuvering of ships. All essential control and safety func- tions therefore have a built-in "hot- backup" which takes over automati- cally upon faults in the main sys- tem. The backup system operates like the main system, and has the same functions built in. The opera- | tor, therefore, does not notice any difference when the backup system | takes over. This applies to both the control and shutdown functions.

I Damatic RC is one of the first sys- tems on the market that has this as | standard.

For more information and free lit-

Ierature on the new integrated bridge control system from Valmet


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Model 3600

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