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Meyers Appointed

Sales Representative

By BFGoodrich Unit

Fred Meyers has been ap- pointed sales representative for

BFGoodrich Dynamic Polymer

Products, including Cutless® and

Commander® brand bearings and related marine industry products.

Mr. Meyers will serve the com- pany's commercial and naval ac- counts in Washington, Oregon, Al- aska, and British Columbia. A U.S.

Naval Academy graduate, he has nearly 20 years of experience in the marine industry. Sales offices are located in Seattle, Wash.

BFGoodrich Dynamic Polymer

Products, a business unit of the

BFGoodrich Aerospace Division, is the new name for the operations of

LQMoffitt, Inc., which merged April 1,1989, with The BFGoodrich Com- pany.

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Seacoast Announces 'J.I.T.'

Inventory Management

And Distribution System

Scott Cannold

Seacoast Electric Co. of Rye,

N.Y., recently announced their "J.I.T." (Just In Time) inventory management and distribution sys- tem, which has enabled the compa- ny to cut costs and guarantee de- livery. They currently have a bro- chure available to deliver this mes- sage to the shipbuilding industry to help reduce the cost of operations.

Seacoast Electric Co., a division of Manhattan Electric Cable, is a family business founded in 1931.

The company has four branches within the U.S. and is represented in 15 countries. In 1981 the compa- ny expanded in wire and currently controls about 65 percent of the marketplace.

Scott Cannold, president, said the biggest change since 1981 is the inventory management concept, and he feels that the biggest prob- lem in the shipping business is con- trolling costs. Shipping business does not perceive "service" as a product, he added, saying that com- panies that do not dedicate them- selves to marine industry loose t heir position in the marketplace. "The trick is to be partners with the ship- yards—know what shipyard needs will help them save money while you make money."

Seacoast Electric Company is of- fering a number of free brochures

June, 1989 95 and bulletins detailing its marine shipboard cables, "Just-In-Time" computerized inventory manage- ment and distribution system and other products and services. In ad- dition, the company also is offering a detailed training manual, which provides users with a greater knowl- edge of shipboard cables, cord, tub- ing, and other marine electrical products and equipment.

Among the services offered by the company, Seacoast's "Just-In-

Time" (J.I.T.) inventory manage- ment and distribution system is one of its most unique.

According to the company, J.I.T. allows a customer to have complete control and use of his inventory by means of on-line information via computer link-up between Sea- coast's warehouse and the custom- er's office.

This system allows for easy inven- tory analysis as well as streamlined ordering, purchasing, invoicing and distribution geared to a customer's exact production needs. With the cost-efficient J.I.T. program, the company reports there is no expe- diting, more efficient communica- tions, less need to stockpile invento- ry, less personnel involved in pro- curement, less time to execute or- ders, less waste and less scrap. This adds up to higher productivity and profit on inventory investment.

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Electric brochures and literature,

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Cummins Marine diesels provide all on-board power for the

U.S. Army Troop Support Command's Utility Landing Craft,

LCU-2000. Built by Lockheed/Trinity and designed for today's

Army, with today's best performing diesel power. Cummins

Marine diesels...making new waves in diesel performance for over 70 years.

Power Specifications (2) KTA50-M Main Propulsion Engines 1250 hp @ 1800 rpm (2) NTA-855-GC Generator Sets 250 kW@ 1800 rpm (1) 4BT3.9-G Emergency Generator 40 kW @ 1800 rpm (1) NT-855-M Bow Thruster Engine 300 hp @ 1800 rpm

Cummins Engine Company, Inc., MC 60011, Box 3005, Columbus, IN 47202-3005

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