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Murphy Offers Free

Brochures On Alarms,

Controls, Switches

Frank W. Murphy Mfr. has been producing various gages, alarms, control devices and switches for marine engines and equipment for over 50 years.

Murphy gages include tempera- ture, pressure/vacuum and fluid level gages and are made with their own shutdown devices when appli- cable. If the operating levels of dif- ferent gages are too high or too low the shutdown devices will activate to prevent costly engine damage.

These products allow for fewer people to run an engine room effi- ciently.

Murphy also produces speed con- trol gauges which monitor engine rpm and are controlled by Murphy electronic tachometers.

Various types of instrument and alarm panels can be custom-made according to specific needs. The company also offers various types of control systems, valves and alarm systems to augment their products.

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Murphy products,

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Lonseal, Inc. Offers

New Vinyl Sheet Flooring

With Steel Plate Look

Lonseal, Inc., Carson, Calif., re- cently announced the development of a new resilient sheet flooring with the high-tech look of steel plate.

Lonplate II offers a lighter, more open pattern spacing design.

Using a smaller embossed "dia- mond" than the original Lonplate, the new Lonplate II offers the choice of a more design-oriented appear- ance. Since it is slip resistant, it is ideal for areas where traction and safety are important and for all types of commercial installations.

Lonplate II comes in 6 foot by 60 foot rolls and is offered in eight col- ors.

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Lonplate II,

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MarAd Awards Funds

To N.Y. Maritime

For Simulator Purchase

The Maritime Administration recently announced the award of $581,000 to the State University of

New York Maritime College at Ft.

Schuyler, New York, to assist the college in its procurement of a full bridge simulator.

The assistance was authorized as one part of Mar Ad's program to as- sist the six state maritime acad- emies in the United States. In 1992, a total of $1.2 million in appropri- ated funds is available to the schools as matching funds to purchase simu- lators; an additional $800,000 will be made from the sale of obsolete vessels for scrap from MarAd's Na- tional Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF). The New York Maritime

College is the first academy to re- ceive these funds.

Under this system, the maritime college will select the simulation equipment that is best suited for their programs. The colleges are required to raise and commit their own share of the necessary funds prior to receiving a matching amount from MarAd.

In announcing this award, Cap- tain Warren G. Leback, maritime administrator, said: "New York

Maritime College and its president,

Adm. Floyd H. Miller are to be congratulated for their successful efforts to raise funds for this new simulator. Computer-driven simu- lator equipment represents the cur- rent state-of-the-art in teaching aids, especially for high technology sys- tems like modern oceangoing ships.

We are pleased to be able to offer this substantial assistance to New

York Maritime College." /V I Mackay f




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