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Day 1: Wednesday, 20 May 9 a.m. - RoRo 92 Registration & Exhibition Opens 2 p.m. - RoRo 92 Conference Opens


The RoRo Market And Its Continuing Importance

To Merchant And Military Needs - M. Sclar, senior consultant, DRI/McGraw-Hill, Lexington, U.S.A

Vehicle Shipments In A Turbulent World - N. Kur- ten, executive vice president traffic & marketing,

Wallenius Lines AB, Stockholm

Italy's Coastal Sea-Roads. Starts Moving In June

With The First Of Five New RoRo's - G. Migliorino, vice president strategic planning, Finmare, presi- dent, Viamare, Genoa

RoRo Tonnage. The Ship Of Choice For "Desert

Storm" - Vice Adm. Donovan, Military Sealift

Command, Washington, D.C.

Session 2: FAST RORO - The Future?

Really Fast Freight RoRo Ships Could Change The

Market. Are The Economics Feasible? - K.

Levander, senior vice president ship design,

Kvaerner Masa-Yards, Turku, Finland

The ACOUASTRADA High Speed Design Of Car

Carrying RoRo - A. Sculati, head of project,

Rodriquez Cantieri, Navali SpA, Messina, Italy

Large Catamaran Designs Could Provide The Op- timum Solution - P. Wintzer, vice president, Sweden

Ship Invest, Sweden

End of First Day's Conference Welcome

Reception from the City of Gothenburg

Day 2: Thursday, 21 May

Session 3: PORT FUTURES (parallel with Session 5)

Scandinavian. Continental Trade Traffic Develop- ment With Special Reference To The Transit

Function Of The Port Of Hamburg - H. L. Beth,

Hamburger Hafen - und Lagerhaus AG, Hamburg

RoRo. A Flexible Friend - J. McNab, chief execu- tive, Port of Tilbury, U.K.

Session 4: FOREST PRODUCTS (parallel with Session 5)

Using A New Flat/Cassette System For Door-To-

Door Forest Products Logistics - J. Ebeling, vice president transport systems, Jaakko Poyry Con- sulting Oy, Vantaa, Finland

Cassettes Bv Rail. Opening Up A New Discussion - (speaker to be announced)

Protecting And Lashing Of Paoar Rolls And Other

Cargoes. A New System - J. Finell, technical development, Wisapak, Jakobstad, Finland

A Forest Product Terminal Operator's View: To- day's Requirements. Misconception Versus Reality? -S.T.Cass, managing director, Crescent Wharves

Ltd., and N. Hempstock, assisting managing director, Hayes Marine Services Ltd., Chatham,


Session 5: SHIP DESIGN AND PROPULSION (parallel with Sessions 3/4)

Design Of A Low Emission Propulsion Plant For A

Ferrv-P. Furu, manager, technical sales support,

Wartsila Diesel, Oy, Finland

MS "Aurora" (The World's Most Environment-Friend-

Iv RoRo Ferrv) With SCR Emission Control Operating

With Urea - C. Schoug, fleet manager, SweFerry,

Helsingborg, Sweden

Trailer Vessels For The 21 st Century. The Efficient

Use Of Computerized Design - P. Rosholm, man- aging director, Kvaerner Ships Equipment AB,


High Performance Freight Ferries For The English

Channel - J. Gollenbeck, member of the board,

Schichau Seebeckwerft AG

The Practical Application Of Utility Analysis To

RoRo Ship Design: Pavload Handling Potions Re- lated To Costs - D. Byrne, managing director,

Transmarine Ltd., U.K.

RoRo Designs For U.S. Strategic Sealift (NAVSEA)

W. Stuart, president, Stuart Marine International

Inc., Houston, and B. McCormick, Alabama Ship- yard Inc., Mobile

Session 6: COASTAL AND INLAND RORO (parallel with Session 7/8)

Danube RoRo: Cost-Effective And Environmentally

Friendly Alternative To Overland Transport - B.

Christov, U.K. manager, SOMAT International Road

Transport, Sofia, Bulgaria

Car Logistics Bv Inland Waterway. The Environ- mental Solution - W. M. van Wijngaarden, managing director, Nedlloyd Rijn-EnBinnenvaart,


New RoRo Possibilities On The Trans-Eurooean

Waterway - N. Gosztonyi, transport consultant, (including adviser to Hungarian Government), Swit- zerland

New Possibilities For RoRo Traffic In European

Coastal Shipping - P. Struijs, executive director shipping, Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands

A New Short-Sea Shipping Concept To Reduce

Costs - A. Sjobris, MariTerm AB, Gothenburg

Session 7: LASHING AND STEVEDORING (parallel with Session 6)

Cargo Care. ATraining Proeram For Safe Stowage

And Securing Of Cargo And Its Influence On RoRo

Safety-P. Andersson, MariTerm AB, Gothenburg

Session 8: TERMINAL DEVELOPMENTS (parallel with Session 6)

Computerized Traffic Management At Large Ferrv

Terminals-L. Roueche, manager of planning and research, British Columbia Ferry Corporation,


Planning & Development Of New RoRo Facilities

For Sealink Stena Line - D. Wignall, port civil engineer, Sealink Stena Line, Harwich, and K. C.

Fear, Posford Duvivier, Peterborough, U.K.

Seven New RoRo Terminal Projects On Irish Sea

Routes (Both Conventional And High Speed) En- couraged Bv EEC Funding For Cross-Channel

Transportation-M. B. Lohn, director, L.G. Mouch- el & Partners Ltd., Weybridge, U.K.

Double-Deck Linkspans To Suit All RoRos. Includ- ing Brittany Ferries. SuperFerries And The New

High Speed Catamarans - J. Rose, managing director, Marine Development Ltd., Scotland

End of Second Day's Conference - Official

RoRo 92 Reception and Dinner hosted by Stena

Rederi AB and the Swedish Shipowners Associa- tion aboard the STENA DANICA super ferry sailing between Sweden and Denmark.

Day 3: Friday, 22 May

Session 9: SHIP SURVIVABILITY (parallel with Session 10)

Conversion Of Existing Passenger Ferries To Meet

The New SOLAS Stability Regulations - C. Lloyd, deputy managing director, BMT Cortec Ltd.,

Wallsend, U.K.

The New Subdivision Regulations: Application And

Effect On Current RoRo Design - S. Rusas, princi- ple surveyor, Det norske Veritas Classification A/S,


A Report On The SOLAS 90 Amendments (From

The April 1992 Session Of The IMP Maritime

Safety Committee) - R. Sundstrom, head of ship construction and equipment division, Maritime

Safety Department of the Swedish Administration of Shipping and Navigation, Norrkopping

Location And Extent Pf Flooding. A Dynamic Anal- ysis - D. Vassalos and 0. Turan, department of ship and marine technology, University of Strathcl- de, Scotland

Session 10: HANDLING & TRANSPGRT (parallel with Session 9)

Future Reduction Of Diesel Exhaust Emissions For

Material Handling Equipment - P. von Braun, senior product engineer, Volvo Penta, Gothenburg

Simple Solutions For Swaobodv Handling Of RoRo

Vessels - A. Ivarssen, CCH AB, Sweden

Using Swaobodies For Multi-Modal JIT Logistics -

S. Wells, general manager transport, TNT, Neth- erlands

New RoRo System For Steel Products - (paper to be confirmed), NKK Corporation, Japan

Using Cassettes In The Steel Industry - R. Eng- strand, distribution manager, SSAB Oxelosund,


Recent Advances In RoRo Technology - W. Lister,

Listavia International Consultants Ltd., U.K. 1 p.m. - Close of Conference 4 p.m. - Close of Exhibition

McQuay Chiller's QEII

Experience Proves Reliability

Nearly 20 years ago three McQuay 500-ton centrifugal chillers were installed onboard the Queen Eliza- beth II (QEII) to provide the vessel's main chilled water supply. Today, according to Cunard Line, all three chiller units are fully operational.

The example set by the QEII's

McQuay centrifugal chillers has lead to the line's successful sale to other maritime companies, according to

A1 Ward, director of customer sup- port for SnyderGeneral Corporation, the manufacturer of the McQuay centrifugal chiller.

Six McQuay chiller units were recently ordered by the Italian cruise line Costa for six of its passenger vessels. Mr. Ward commented that, "The Costa purchase represents a growing awareness of the benefits of positive pressure centrifugal tech- nology in marine environments."

Because McQuay chillers are en- gineered with positive pressure refrigerants, outside air, salt and other contaminants are prevented from entering the unit. According to

Mr. Ward, this results in a signifi- cant reduction in corrosion and related maintenance,"... a major ben- efit for cruise ship installations."

This advantage in using the posi- tive pressure chiller helped Costa to make its decision to select the

McQuay design, Mr. Ward said.

Costa has purchased the McQuay

Model PEH single compressor wa- ter cooled centrifugal chiller, the flagship of the McQuay product line, for each of the six cruise ships.

Offering many advantages, the

PEH medium pressure refrigerant system features five basic compres- sor frame sizes, ranging from 70 to 1,350 tons. Over 500,000 computer matched configurations are possible with such variations as impeller, gear ratio, condenser and evapora-

The McQuay centrifugal chiller manufactured by

SnyderGeneral Corporation. tor tube surfaces.

A significant environmental safety feature of the PEH centrifu- gal chillers are their ability to utilize

HFC-134a, a highly efficient refrig- erant that is completely ozone safe.

SnyderGeneral is a privately owned Dallas-based manufacturer and marketer of a full line of air quality control products and ser- vices for commercial, industrial and institutional application. The company's line of equipment in- cludes: heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units; air filtration and pollution control prod- ucts; clean room equipment and machinery intake filtration, and acoustical systems. The company also manages 35 manufacturing fa- cilities in Europe, North and South

America, Australia, Mexico and


The company's Minneapolis- based Commercial Products Group markets McQuay HVAC equipment,

BarryBlower and JennFan commer- cial and industrial fans, AAF HVAC products, Wesper fan coils and air handling units. SnyderGeneral also operates McQuayService, an integrated service and parts organi- zation serving HVAC users worldwide.

For free illustrated brochures and literature completely describing

McQuay centrifugal chillers and other equipment in the

SnyderGeneral product line,

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