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For safety and effi- ciency of navigation of Deepsea vessels,

Furuno offers a range of innovative ' radiocommunica- tions and radionavi- gation equipment complying with the IMO, IEC, ISO and other rele- vant standards. The equipment and systems are designed with state-of- the-art technologies, software exper- tise and sensor engineering.

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Maritime Ship

Systems (KMSS) combines develops marine electronic systems with over 100 years of experience in design, engineering and commissioning ship systems and simulators. KMSS delivers the industry's first integrat- ed ship control, on board training systems and satellite enabled fleet management software tools.

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Marine Data

Systems provides specialized and integrated AIS

Solutions. In the brochure, The

Total AIS

Solution, MDS overviews the fol- lowing products: AIMS Mill, KDU (Key Display Unit), ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and

Information System), ECS, AIMS

Utility Software and VTMIS.

Circle No. 103

Max Sea

MaxSea naviga- tion software products are designed for all boaters, from the recreational sailor or motor boater, to the professional racer and the commer- cial fisherman. MaxSea provides

TrueView seamless chart technology for optimum viewing and brings point and click simplicity.

Circle No. 104 — Raytheon

BridfieCuntrol | Raytheon's



Bridge System is a modern, flexible design and can be used for all ship's bridges commercial and military and meets all conceivable ship's operating requirements. The user-friendly technology is designed for One Man Bridge Operation and to reduce workload and stress.

Circle No. 105

Skanti j m Skanti has intro- —J IT duced the Skanti

Scansat F77.

Skanti Scansat F77 uses Inmarsat's recently launched Fleet 77 services and enables online access via MPDS (Mobile Packet Data Service).

MPDS allows the vessels, to be online at no charge, and only the tranfer of data will be charged per megabite. This allows the vessels to be online with shore systems.

Circle No. 106

I gjl Consilium

J87 Selesmar ^^f / Consilium Selesmar recently launched the new SeLux TFT

Display. The flexi- ble modular radar display follows a new design that can work with both integrated in an IBS and as a stand- alone radar. It has full ARPA con- figuration exceeding IMO recom- mendations and can track up to 100 targets simultaneously.

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NDI offers the elec- tronic data products and services required by the shipping industry. Official

ENC and EC data with updating services will help ensure safe and efficient navigation in Canadian and international waterways. Digital Ocean

Professional electronic charts are the only officially released CHS vector charts on the market.

Circle No. 108 + Sailor

Sailor Fleet 77, the

Tl"' new maritime high- speed satellite com- munications termi- nal was recently launched. It enables ship owners to optimize business oportunities and minimize costs by integration of the entire fleet into a corporate network. Each vessel can stay online constantly at no charge from Inmarsat. Sailor

Fleet77 offers high speed and cost effective data communication.

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Electronics has launched it's new

UAIS DEBEG 3400, which has accorded the

European Type Approval last

October by the German Maritime and Hydrographic Agency. The

DEBEG 3400 is designed to fit into STN ATLAS Marine

Electronics'navigation equipment as well as stand alone system.

Circle No. 110


NautiCast AG is an

AlS-Systems spe- cialist, catering for the maritime and inland waterway industries. They are launching their

AIS-Transponder, the X-Pack DS, and will enhance their AIS offering with base, and repeater stations by spring 2003. NautiCast production is ISO 9001 certified and outsourced to Siemens AG Austria. .Circle No. Ill

Raymarine ^

Raymarine provides ^^SH the complete marine

Hgp| electronics package, including instrumen- tation, autopilots, radar, chartplotters, fishfinders, communications and PC charting software available through a global network of dealers and distrib- utors. Raymarine's headquarters are in Portsmouth, U.K. with key offices in Nashua, New Hampshire, and Ft.

Lauderdale, Fla.

Circle No. 116

Alstom >

Alstom is a global special- ist in energy and transport infrastructure.

They serve the energy market through its activities in power gener- ation and power transmission and distribution, and transport through its activities in rail and marine. /V

Circle No. 121


I Northstar

I Northstar|

Technologies has introduced the 958


Navigation System.

The all new 958 integrates a Chart Plotter, Radar, and

Fish Finder on a single display. The system was unveiled at the NMEA

Annual Convention. It combines radar and fish finder operation with

Northstar's GPS and Chart Plotting, resulting in a user-friendly combo.

Circle No. 112


L-3 Communications is a merchant supplier of defense electronics and a growing provider of commer- cial communications and transportation products. They supply high technol- ogy, proprietary products to the

Department of Defense, prime con- tractors, international customers,

OEMs and to the space and telecom- munications markets. ^Circle No. 117




Ballast Technologies,

Inc. (BTI) has been a provider and installer of fixed bal- last materials since 1983. The compa- ny's product and service known as

Perma Ballast, is widely acknowl edged to be the quickest and most cost-effective method of ballast installation today.

Circle No. 122


Uni-Safe electron- ics introduces a new, modified ver- sion of its the Salinometer SL6000, called SL6005. The new model

SL6005 features a new type of built- in display with separate readings on both alarm set and ppm. Both ver- sions have the DNV approval, indi- cating that the salinometer has been tested according to the requirements from e.g. Lloyds, Germanischer

Lloyds, ABS and Bureau Veritas.

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Electronics designs, manu- factures, and installs closed- circuit television systems for virtu- ally any high-temperature applica- tion. Diamond's extensive line of high-temperature camera equipment and accessories is custom configured to your requirements.

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The ChartCo system, which is widely fitted onboard SOLAS ves- sels to ensure the prompt receipt of criti- cal navigation and weather data, can also be used to receive daily and weekly news. Using the Inmarsat

Point to Multipoint Service, satellite broadcast provides an efficient methof of providing ships crews with to date news while at sea.

Circle No. 123

Norcontrol IT

As a supplier of Vessel

Traffic Management &

Information Systems (VTMIS), Norcontrol IT has more than 120 systems operating in some of the world's largest ports, major offshore oil and gas fields, and coastal areas. Norcontrol IT Vessel

Traffic Management & Information

Systems (VTMIS) provide the opera- tor with a concise picture of vessels' movements and interactions in the surveillance area.

Circle No. 114


Fleet F77 combines the quality and speed of a 64kbit/s

Mobile ISDN ser- vice with the world's first global, high- speed, maritime Mobile Packet Data service via satellite, to deliver e-mail, secure Internet and intranet access and voice, plus a choice of two fax services, making it possible to have a truly mobile office at sea.

Circle No. 119


Cross Equipment

Incorporated has an inventory that includes a wide variety of makes and models of winches and deck equipment. The

Cross Equipment Inventory includes:

Winches, Levelwinds, Diesel HPU,

Spooling Units, Deck Equipment,

Hose /Umbilical Reels, Fairleads,

Sheaves and Blocks.

Circle No. 124 ^ Thuraya

S a t C o m

Distribution has launched a maritime exter- nal antenna and docking station for the Thuraya GSM/satellite phone.

It will enable users to send and receive calls, faxes and data without requiring direct line of sight to the

Thuraya satellite. The system pro- vides users with voice, fax, data,

SMS and GPS services to 99 coun- tries.

Circle No. 115


The Rutter VDR- 100 is designed to meet recording requirements of the marine industry. A modularized approach allows the unit to be configured to meet the needs of individual ship owners, while the playback system makes data easily accessible for investigation or training purposes. It is fully type approved and IMO compliant.

Circle No. 120


Thales Underwater

Systems is a member of the Thales Group.

With over 50 years experience in under- sea warfare, they are a leader in supplying sonar and asso- ciated systems for navies and air forces as well as civil seismic applica- tions. Thales Underwater Systems has operating units in the U.K.,

France, and Autralia.

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