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FISHING VESSEL QUARTERLY World First (Image:s SalMar/Rolls-Royce)

Offshore Fish Farm Rig olls-Royce signed a contract for of the world’s most dif? cult sea conditions the construction and delivery can be applied in other areas of the mari- of an eight point mooring sys- time economy today and for the future,”

Rtem to the world’s ? rst offshore said Asbjørn Skaro, EVP – Deck Machin- ? sh farm installation being developed for ery, Rolls-Royce. “The technical solutions

Ocean Farming AS, a subsidiary of the for SalMar’s pilot installation is based on

SalMar Group in Norway. the state-of-the-art technology Norwegian

The equipment will be used to secure the industry has to offer from both ? elds of installation to the seabed at Frohavet, off aquaculture and offshore oil and gas.” the coast of central Norway. The 68 meter The eight point mooring system to be de- high rig will have a diameter of 110 meters livered by Rolls-Royce includes monitor- and a volume of 250.000 cubic meters. ing, fairleads, connectors and subsea load

SalMar decided to move the operation sensing system.

offshore in the plan for additional growth Rolls-Royce has signed a contract with in the industry of harvesting from the sea, the Chinese Institute of Marine and Off- as new locations that offer good biologi- shore Enginering, and the new semi-sub- cal condition for the farming of ? sh stocks. mersible rig will be constructed at Qing-

However moving further offshore also re- dao Wuchuan Heavy Industry Co. Ltd in quires new technology. China. It is designed by Global Maritime “This contract win shows how years of in Norway, and the pilot ocean ? sh farm experience providing sophisticated moor- is planned to be completed by the second ing and deck machinery solutions in some half of 2017.

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