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FISHERIES FLEET REVIEW (Illustration: courtesy Xiamin Shipbuilding)

Fine Lines: Xiamin Shipbuilding’s 51m fresh ? sh trawler.

“The difference being the availability other modern giant of a krill vessel for vessel from Norway’s Skipsteknisk and like Jong Shyn yard’s streamlined mack- of shore maintenance structures, or not”. Jiangsu Sunline Deep Sea Fisheries Co. out? tter Simek. Maori and Japanese erel seiners and pelagic trawlers look

It is understood the shipyard Hansail shareholders (Nippon Suisan Kaisha) like they might have been built nearer

China krill Marine & Offshore Design will build the aim to make the most of an 82 m vessel the Arctic Circle. Compatriot yard Shing

If Vietnam’s growth picture and gov- Wärtsilä VS 6206 FT design for Jiangsu that will exploit all of each barracuda, Sheng Fa Boat Building offers a squid ernment is attracting business then so, Sunline. The design features “continu- squid and jack mackerel ? shed into its boat, the 290 GT, with an elegant prow too, is China’s ongoing economic expan- ous pumping” for ? sh handling that aug- 20,000-ton-capacity hold. Sealord’s ? rst and lines that draw on 40 years of boat- sion and its No. 1 effect: demand. China ments the net for a healthier catch. The new vessel buy since ’96 means it won’t building.

needs ? sh and ? shing vessels, and its 115m long vessel accomodates 99 have to contract as many species-specif- “I think Taiwan should prove to be the business leaders are trying new things to people. ic ? shing boats. best Asian market (for) 2014-2016, says secure both. Mr. Wang. “It remains stable and doesn’t

Chinese acquisitions of other nation’s Modern partners Taiwan savvy ? uctuate too much. There are many new ? shing ? eets and seafood distribution The presence of ship designer Ulstein Meanwhile, across the East China Sea tuna vessels with Ching Fa netting from networks have been reported from Ger- along with Scandinavian buyers (Ice- in Taiwan there are still two new-build those two years.” many and Spain to Argentina and Cana- land) of Chinese-built new-builds ap- purse seiners under construction at Jong As we went to press, 13 vessels of the da. Also impressive are recent Chinese pears to be inspiring a new generation Shyn Shipard in Kaoshiung. Mr. Wang U.S.-listed Pingtan Marine Enterprises partnerships to charter high-end vessels of local designs. Xiamin Shipbuilding says they’re scheduled to start ? shing to- Ltd. Of Fuszhou, China were modify- and upgrades. The world-beating China has embarked on a new-build drive with gether at year-end 2016 for a Taiwanese ing their gear to legally ? sh offshore the

National Fisheries Corp. in May 2016 foreign partners sharing the “risk” in seafood company he won’t disclose the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste bought into a design by Norwegian owning local vessels. Since the 1990’s, name of although they’re his clients for (modi? ed from drift-netting to trawl-

NSK Ship Design to convert an ordinary Xiamin’s managers have used its Ger- vessels over 1,000 t. ing), about 3,000 kilometres south of trawler into a uniquely krill trawler, a de- man of? ce to attract Swedish and other Mr. Wang has neatly divided the pe- Hong Kong. Chinese vessels inspected sign destined for Antarctic waters. international owners. lagic tuna ? shery into two customer cat- offshore Africa were reportedly “brand

Chinese interest in Krill hammers Only the joint investments of New Zea- egories: American purse seine nets and new”. It seems whatever reputation home the awareness of a burgeoning land and Japan can compare to Xiamin’s nylon mono? lament long lines. With they’ve acquired for zealously ? shing trend toward high-end vessels that can international partnering. New Zealand’s new vessel types arriving in all its mar- economic zones, the “ghost ship” stereo- produce pricy ? sh oils and value-adding partly government-owned Sealord sea- kets, Ching Fa’s willingness to invest type appears silly. Like the other Paci? c ? sh meal while securing a catch. Earlier food company is investing USD70 mil- in overseas ? shing gear expertise in the Rim ? eets we surveyed, China’s are do- in 2016, Wärtsilä agreed to design an- lion in its ? eet, starting with an advanced 80’s and 90’s is about to pay off. Vessels ing their best to adjust and grow.

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