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Salvage & Recovery

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continually burned off using the heat emitted by the engine?s own exhaust. The soot burns away and transforms into harmless CO2. DECS is CARB Level 3 veri ed and NO2 compliant, and is engineered to best  t virtually any engine room con guration. A monitoring system records critical engine information while meeting or exceeding classi cation society requirements. Bad Fuel? No Problem The? latest version of its FuelTrax Marine Fuel Management system from Nautical Control Solutions, LP (NCS) includes the ability to measure and monitor fuel density as it is pumped on a vessel. The patented system identi es operating inef ciencies on a vessel and  eets, gathering a broad range of fuel related information that allows crew and management to pinpoint problem areas and inef ciencies. The latest version of FuelTrax gathers and displays the mass, volume, temperature, and density of a fuel as it is being received. The  uid?s density is measured, recorded, and presented live in a moving graph on the FuelTrax main console. If a prede ned amount of out of density range fuel is measured, a visual alarm is presented to the captain or chief engineer. An optional siren and strobe light is available for placement in the engine room. The system works with any type of marine fuel. Contaminated fuel can be identi ed early in the bunker operation, eliminating unnecessary  lter changes, tank cleaning and in a worst case scenario - damage to MN 37

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